What's wrong with their feathers?

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by Jubaby, Oct 20, 2008.

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    Those are soo pretty. [​IMG]
  2. Hi!
    My silkie feathered green-eggers ARE Silkie crosses. I found the old thread from when I hatched them (from The Coop back in '05 ).
    And they are quite homely.

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    Those have to be the coolest chickens I have ever seen. Congrats and good luck with them!!
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    Good morning! I got another reply from the eggbid breeder. I asked her for some more info on her breeding stock and here's what she says:

    Hi, my Black, Blue, and Splash pen of my breeders came from eggbid, I purchased the eggs about a year ago, the user name was Peeps, or something like that on eggbid. Then my Blue/Splash pen, my breeders came from a lady named Pat, she is here locally in Josephine, TX. I purchased the eggs/chicks from her about 3 years ago. I've had these breeders for a long time, like I said before, "I have never seen or heard of any of them having feathers like that."

    "Peeps" would be the eggs from jean (pips&peeps). The eggs I bought in the auction were listed as Blue/Splash which came from the other lady named Pat. So if anyone is planning on bidding on her eggs in hopes of getting the silkie ones, you would need to make sure they are the Blue/Splash not Blue/Black/Splash.
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    But there is no garuntee that you will get silkied birds, it could have been one of those rare chances if the breeder has multiple hens and roosters running in the same pen.

    Personally what I would do would be to breed the pair together and get a bunch of splash silkied birds. Then I would breed those to blacks to get all blue half silkied birds and breed them to eachother or back to the parents. to get more silkied birds. Once you get your flock numbers up you can start selling birds and eggs. I am kinda happy, it is like finding a new species or something. No one thought it could happen but it did, lol.
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    Oh, I want some too. Can you put me on your list? They're just adorable!
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    Just remembered this thread and thought I would see how the birds were doing. Did you ever breed them? What did the offspring look like?
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    Enquiring minds want to know!!!
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    pips&peeps :

    Where's our genetics guru??????

    They look like they are silkie mixes and it looks like a cockerel and a pullet.

    I sold eggs to that person last year, but there is no telling where the rest of her flock came from. No silkies or frizzles here.

    I am concerned though that this could be a disease. There is one, I can't for the life of me find it, that causes feather abnormalities.

    No disease I have ever heard of (other than silkie-i-tis addiction, lol) causing silkied feathers. There are some genes that cause feathering problems, but this in not like any of them.

    Silkie is recessive, so breeding the two together will create splash silkied ameraucanas. Breeding them to a blue ameraucana will give all normal feathered offspring carrying a hidden copy of the silkie gene. (They will be split for silkie.) Half will be splash, half blue. Breeding these offspring to each other or back to the silkied parent will give some silkied offspring. If, by chance the non-silkied parent in the initial cross is split for silkie, half the offspring should be silkied.​
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