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  1. Brada Puhi

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    May 28, 2013
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    You rock! Thanks for all the resources.

    Aloha, Puhi
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    Very interesting so according to this the Cream Legbars we have are actually closer to standard than the ones that are being put forward as correct?
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    Well....that is the debate. Until our Cream Legbars are breeding true for the cream gene we won't know the full range of color a genetically cream bird can have. It will be interesting to see what we can produce in the next few years.
  4. I believe that is the case...certainly if you switch the chicken calculator between silver and gold as the basis - the gold basis which is supposed to be the make up of the CL -- is more like the appearance than the silver based one. (does that make sense?) ;O)
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    Jun 29, 2010
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    This is my trio of White Sports that I am hoping to breed next spring if they can make it through the winter.

    This is my only boy. He is crested, single gene I suspect, and his comb is decent, straight blade but s curl in the front. But I'm not worried about his type at this point.

    This is my oldest girl. She is about 20 weeks or so now. I'd have to check. She is double gene for crest.


    This is my younger girl. Pretty but single gene for crest I think.

    They all have nice yellow legs and tightly tucked wings and no one seems to have squirrel tail and that's pretty much the few things I'm looking at right now. I don't think the boy will size up until he's out of the bachelor pad but he seems good at this point. Would not matter anyway as he's all I got... they all are.

    I put up new netting so hopefully this takes me off the Hawk Fast Food Drive Thru we have around here. I'm not breeding these to any standard this first time. Just seeing what is possible then I'll decide what I want to do if it looks like a viable endeavor.

    I'm not sure what is meant by "the Cream Legbars we have are actually closer to standard than the ones that are being put forward as correct". Which birds in specific? I do think my birds are close to 'correct' for the color if not for a host of other aspects as they are a work in progress and no where close to being 'standard' in a lot of ways. And I do think it will be interesting to see what happens with the birds as we go forward and folks breed them for a few generations. My cream colored Cream Legbars have bred true for a cream colored hackle for 2 generations... these will be my F3s next year so I think I'll go by what I see in front of me as opposed to what I find on the internet. .

    But getting back to the topic at hand...

    I'm moving on to other aspects of the Creams so I'm hoping these sports will help me understand other type issues since color will not be an issue with them and just the form of the birds. I'm going to toss in a gold and cream bird into the mix also to see what happens. I think I know which female hen carries the recessive gene so I may test that also next year. It's nice to think that in a couple more generations I can call my flock my own and not Greenfire's. Hoping I have enough luck to get there.
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  6. very nice trio of whites blackbirds13. Best tail angles I have seen, and they all have them. Good luck with your breeding plans. Keep us posted..also when they lay - let us know if those eggs are indeed somehow more blue.
  7. Brada Puhi

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    May 28, 2013
    Kailua, O'ahu, Hawai'i

    I love the one with the crest! Can't wait until you breed 'em.

    Aloha, Puhi
  8. Grannychick55

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    Oct 16, 2013
  9. Glad that you are pursuing these white ones - they are distinctive! It will be so interesting to see what you have in a few years.
  10. I think I have one as well? I am pretty sure this hatched from some CL eggs I was given and I think she laid her first light blue egg this week
    So what might happen if I breed her against a CL roo?


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