White Sport Cream Legbars

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  1. in all liklihood, the white will vanish, because the theory is that it is recessive. Although not visible, it will be hidden as a recessive - and could appear in the future should two Cream Legbars that both carry recessive white pass only the white to their offspring. If you decide to try that breeding, be sure to post back your results it will help others. :O)
  2. OK thanks for that I might give it a go in the spring
  3. What color are the eggs laid by legbar white sports?
  4. Thus far, everyone who has reported on them says a clear light blue..... Anyone else out there with whites getting other than blue--please chime in.
  5. Darkangael

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    Jul 31, 2013
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    The comment I made was based on the Chicken color calculator in the post i replied to.
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    I don't have any whites, but I did try to hatch some shipped eggs from a mixed cream and white legbar flock earlier this year. None of them made it [​IMG]but the eggs were the bluest I've seen. No tinge of green at all and they were huge! BUT they were also very very pale, some looked almost white.
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    Someone was saying earlier that the white mutation may have an adverse effect on hatchability. Has anyone else had experience in hatching offspring from white hens, white roosters or both? How were the rates?

    Mahalo, Puhi
  8. Brada Puhi

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    May 28, 2013
    Kailua, O'ahu, Hawai'i
    I mean of the CCL variety of course.
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    way too early for my to give any input - my white sport cockerel is only two months old. [​IMG]
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    My white x white never produced a single viable chick. Most eggs never started, and those few that did quit before hatch.

    My white x cream didn't fare much better, and this week I lost the only cream pullet I had that carried the recessive white gene to the cold. But I have a few cockerels carrying white that I can use.

    I have another pair of white legbars growing out, but they are brother/sister so I don't want to breed them together. In the spring I'm going to put a cream roo carrying white on the white pullet and see if that gets me more white chicks.

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