Why are my neighbors feeding MY dog??? -rant :)

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Feb 15, 2009
Boondocks, Colorado
We have a wonderfull GSD who stays home all the time, NEVER touches my free ranging chickens, and is a great coyote watch dog.

So a while back our neighbor who lives down the road about a quarter of a mile told DH that our dog goes to their house at night and they feed him. Then he said we should keep him home. ??

Well a few weeks later, she stopped by our house to tell me that he has killed 4 of their cats. Now, he does not go to our other neighbors house, I have asked them. And she said he is there about three oclock in the morning when she gets up to take her dog out to potty.
Well, he is ALWAYS here when I go outside, but lately he has not been eating when I feed him. He just doesnt seem hungry.

So I think they are still feeding him. For awhile I was tying him up at night, but it just irritates me that he has to be tied up, just because they feed him, and then complain that he kills there cats!

Now, I am sure he did do it, he does not like cats, it is still ther fault. And they were nice about it, but STILL!


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Jan 28, 2009
(south West) Virginia
Thats the reason we have to tie my Aussie mix, He loves kids and he started roaming most of the neighbors that he ventured to ignored him, not the ones that happen to be my cousins and animal lovers!! nope they play with him, feed him and let him in the house...hmmmm so naturaly he goes back once we go and get him. So any time he's let loose its a matter of minutes and he's gone.. We always know where to look.. We told them to run him off, but nope they dont..


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Aug 23, 2008
It's the dog owners responsibility to keep their dog on their own property. So that is what you need to do. Should the neighbor feed the dog? Heck no. But the dog shouldn't be on their property in the first place. Your dog has killed 4 of their cats. You are lucky they haven't shot the dog.


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Apr 6, 2009
kountze texas
I agree about you need to keep your dog home... but I also agree they should not feed your dog ... that only gets the dog to keep coming back...


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Sep 24, 2008
Newark, Ohio
I agree also with chixie. While it is your responsibility to keep your dog on your property, your neighbors should have never fed him. They should have either came to your house WHILE he was at thiers and told you to come and get him. Both parties are at fault, but you do have a point


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Feb 11, 2008
Waterloo, Nebraska
I have to agree with the other posters. It's the responsibility of the dog owner to keep their dog at home. It's not the responsibility of the neighbors to deter them from their yards. The food may encourage him to visit, but it's still your responsibility as his owner to keep him home. They might feel sorry for the dog and feed him out of kindness because they think that he may be hungry. Whether they are right or wrong to feed him is not relevant. He shouldn't be in their yard. Just because the other neighbors haven't seen him, you can't assume that he doesn't go in their yards. After all, nobody patrols their yard 24/7 watching for stray dogs. Yes, he is a stray. If he killed those cats, he could (and may have) killed others. Look at all of the posts about loose dogs killing chicken and other animals. It is wrong to not take measures to confine the dog. Roaming dogs are a danger to themselves and others. They can be hit by a car. They can cause a traffic accident that may wound or kill people. They can be injured by other animals. They can kill or injure wildlife or neighbor's pets. The list goes on and on. Nothing good comes of letting dogs roam. I hope you are able to resolve the situation, and I hope that you make restitution to the neighbors for the loss of their pets.


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Apr 9, 2009
spend the $ to put up an invisible fence for your dog. That way he can roam......safe at home.


Don't feel bad, not condeming you, just sometimes people don't get to see the other side of things unless poeple express their opinions.... hopefully you understand and decide to figure away to keep your pal home at night...and DEFINATELY don't ask, TELL the neighbors to STOP feeding your dog and to spray him with water or honk an air horn.....tell them you will try to keep him home if they abide by not feeding....

I personally am offended when people let their CATS roam...they poo in my garden (learned the hardway to ALWAYS use gloves when weeding)
and make my dirt driveway stink of cat urine...
I have 4 cats and mine are only allowed in my fenced area and they arent allowed to pee in my plants. The neighbors cats/strays come over my 6' fence and gave earmites/fleas to my yard and my cats for the first time in their lives have had to be put on preventative.

I also have 4 dogs and they are NOT allowed to poop anywhere but their designated area and they are NOT allowed to raom the area. If some one elses dog pooped in my yard, chased my cats, got into my trash I would be angry. I CERTAINTLY wouldnt FEED it....I think I would put its poop in a bag and staple it to its collar and then send it home.

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