Why is my Mille Fluer duccle rooster so mean?


9 Years
Aug 20, 2010
Long Island NY
I was told that they are friendly roosters..."great to raise around children"...blah blah blah. Everything I read about them is the same, yet mine is so mean. He drop kicks you every chance he gets and does it when you turn your back to him. I raised him myself and held him a lot, yet he's still an ***.

Any suggestions?
And all BO's are lovable, one of mine is neurotic.
And All BO's often go broody, and one of mine is 19 mo old and never broody.
And my other 2 BO's are ALWAYS broody.

But mine are hatchery hens, and maybe the for sure purebreds are more predictable?

I think there are always exceptions to any breed descriptions and each chicken is unique. Sorry your roo didn't follow the breed expectations. I, too, would be disappointed. And the personalities as chicks really change dramatically when they grow to teenagers and adults.

Here's hoping someone may offer you advice on taming that bad boy. If he is creating danger for your family, and you cannot train him to behave, consider a give away.
My first Belgian d'Uccle rooster (not SQ) was a SOB. I carried a big stick to fend the little beast off all the time. Fortunately, almost all my birds since then have been fine. Life is too short to deal with a jerk; move him on (with full disclosure!!!) and find some good ones. Retraining a twit isn't worth it, IMO, and dangerous if children are around. Mary

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