Will Ball Mason Jar lids fit Kerr and Midland Jars?


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Feb 27, 2008
Russia, NY
Will Ball Mason Jar lids fit Kerr and Midland Mason Jars? I canned some tomatoes last night and one quart jar lid didn't "pop" down. I noticed it wasn't a Ball Jar but a Midland. Instead of trying again I was wondering if anyone has any experience with Kerr and Midland. I also had a pint Mason jar from another batch that didn't "pop" down so might not of been the jar. Any suggestions or advice is appreciated, thanks.
I've never used Midland but I have used Ball & Kerr interchangeably, even Miracle Whip jars and never had a problem with the jars or the lids. Occasionally a jar won't seal. It could be a variety of things that caused it. I do advise running a wet finger around the rim before putting on your lid and ring.
I've never found canning jars and lids that aren't interchangable no matter what the brand. All the small mouth are the same and all the wide mouth are the same.
Occasionally you just get a jar that doesn't seal. You can take the lid off, wipe the edge good and put a fresh lid on and put it back in the canner or you can just stick that one in the fridge and use it up quickly.
I believe they are interchangeable!!!
I would make sure you wipe the rim with a dry paper towel before placing the lid on.
That was how I was taught.

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