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    Frenchie, glad to hear they have sort of settled in. Sorry about the escapee, I was hoping clipping their wings would keep them somewhat grounded. MY DH said that is was probably the one obnoxious loud female that escaped on you! ;)

    Mazo, I was thinking about the calves that are tied to their hutches; not the ones surrounded by a fence.

    TO, I was asking about GF recipes; I'll PM you....

    MxM, the s attempt is doing just fine (he will recover). I am thankful I am not dealing with that mess myself......
    With the oats, I toast them in a dry cast iron pan over med-high heat..... just keep stirring once in a while so they don't burn.

    Did not walk tonight, instead went to get my refresher in Storm Spotting from NWS. Took the oldest DD this year so now we will have 3 sets of trained eyes watching the sky. :)

    Back to the grind tomorrow..... Night all!
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    Hummm.... forgot to say ...Night All! [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Yeah, one would think wiping up spills and such right away on a stove would be the way to go :lol:, used a putty knife to help clean this one. I think the tenant living there sprayed a whole can to stove cleaner in the inside too and then moved out! I was surprised to find that all I had to do was wipe it out as the cleaner softened all the burnt stuff. Typically I don't use the spray cleaners as I gon't find them effective and smelly :( Please be very carefully when cleaning up the mold!
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    Dang it Cheryl... I want too be first to post this morning! ;)


    I got my eggies yesterday. The original package was supposed to be 10+ lavender/Isabel/Porcelein orpingtons. Because she couldn't get it shipped out when promised, she sent me 19 eggs! I have a bunch of Golden Laced Oprington project eggs in there too now! Super fun!!! :D

    I have another wall to paint in the coop, plus the poop board, plus the brooder/separation pen, plus one side of the door. When all that is finally done I have to paint the mural! Yes, I am. I don't have any girls to paint nails, or do hair, or play dress up. I have my chicken coop to make creative and fun, so I'll try!

    Off to get kids ready for school....
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    Jan 10, 2010
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    Hey all, Good Morning !!!

    Dang it Heather I wanted to be the firsts to post this morning !!! [​IMG]

    Those eggs sound interesting !! Did you candle them ? I got mine put in the bater yesterday when I got home from my trip to Jungs.

    Sad to say one egg had cracks in it and several of the others had floating air cells. Dang Post Office. But not to worry. I have some other shipped eggs in the bator now that are developing and they too came with floating air cells. [​IMG] Keeping fingers crossed for both of us.

    Well, all of you that warned me about Jungs were right. It sucked the money right off my debit card !! Geez those seeds add up. Plus I bought DH 3 blueberry plants, 2 blackberry plants, 10 raspberry plants and myself 10 colorado blue spruce trees.

    Came home with 7 different varieties of Pumpkin seeds [​IMG]

    Jim, after talking with neighbor and DH I decided to not get Serendipity. It takes 82 days. We need like 70 days up here. So DH wanted Extra Sweet so that is what I got.

    Bought some sorgum (broom stick) seeds to plant for the chickens.

    Ok, just got up to go potty, will read for a bit and then crash again into La La land.

    Oh and yes Melissa, I think it was a female. LOL
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    Good morning,

    ok,, so I'm the guy that has frost seeded some oats lately,,,but geeze I didn't expect to have wind thrill this morning

    bright sunny day even with this wind it "should" warm up,,,until then I will build a feeder and get a nipple water bucket set for the new cage/pen maybe a few things done in the gh as well

    IF I did the feather sexing right (note the IF) on the chicks I will have 9 pullets out of the 12,,,,any bets? The Marans batch are getting big, looking at the combs that are bigger with color I think there are 6 roos there,,,we'll see how that guess is [​IMG]

    How long do you folks feed the starter?

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    Sep 1, 2010
    Albion, Wisconsin
    Morning All!!!
    I did not bother to catch up since my last post so I hope the first phase of the Foolish Hatch went well for those who were expecting!
    I kept meaning to get here and read and post but just never seemed to get the chance until this morning. I got a new battery for the lawn mower and it works now![​IMG] So yesterday I got the lawn mowed. Finally. Today I have to replace blinds that the various critters (namely the cats) have trashed. Then I think I'll start organizing the upstairs storage room/mess that the critters (namely the cats) have trashed. Maybe I'll but together Good Will donation stuff and maybe make a garage/rummage sale bile.
    Oh and I need to get rabbit food....forgot to get it yesterday when I was in town. Grrrr...

    Everyone is good and I broke the RO's brood. Let her out of the cage to day and the first thing she did was dust bathe....but she is not making broody crankie noises anymore....

    Well, I best be off.....start on my chores for the day.

    Oh before I forget....DH's celebrity grows! DH is doing his very first "podcast" on Monday! Mad City Chickens referred him to a group called Sustain Dane and he will be speaking about chicken coops on Monday.Whoo Hoo.....Once I get more info I'll pass it along...I do know that they are my kind of people....The podcast is taking place at an Irish Pub....LOL!!

    Ok...gots to go...
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    Oct 16, 2008
    good morning, I have been here for quite awhile.. waiting for you to wake up..

    Dan, feed starter until the chicks are feathered out quite nicely.. then finish off the bag of starter

    FT. If you plant 82 day corn on June 1 it will still be ready in August.. what I like about the serendipity is that it lasts a long time going into the fall.. It doesn''t starch up like a lot of other sweet corn does..

    have to call the vet at noon to see if he will be free to take a look at Nora's dew claws..

    I picked up 14 laying hens yesterday.. all red stars.. less than 2 years old.. free..

    keeping them in the lean to until they get used to the place..
    As long as they are locked up, I might just toss the colored roo in with them and see if I can produce a batch of mutt pullets..

    I have to start up bator #2.. and I also have to start up bator #3 and use it for a hatcher..
    tomorrow is the first due date for the first 8 eggs.. then two days later some more are due..
    Heeeeere we go..

    One year I built a water trough with a float hooked up to a water hose.. It worked very well, except that the water was always warm.. will you have the same problem with the nipple waterers ?
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    Good morning! Sunny, windy and cold here! They say a freeze warning for tonight...guess I will bring in the torts! They so enjoyed the sun after the few days of rain we had. I hope the freeze misses us, I want pears and plums this year! I got up early to go to the mill and the library (books and CDs due yesterday) of course DD26 texted me and asked if I was coming to town--when I was IN town! She forgot her baseball glove and had promised the kids at the center she would bring it to play today! Nice job...playing with kids all day! Think I will go back to doing daycare--I miss it!

    MLH--after you DH's debut he should contact Sustain Jefferson. That is the group that put on the thing last weekend where I learned how to cultivate mushrooms (also got the heirloom seed potatoes there) Seems like an interesting group...not too over the top....

    Tiki--when you say the place was "pristine" did they expect it to stay that way without maintenance? Just the normal wear and tear of the weather ages a building...especially if you dont have someone keeping up with it! (just look at my house for a good example!) I saw a picture of it yesterday when we moved in and I almost cried! Of course it was fixed up to put it on the market so much wasnt done correctly...but we sure didnt help!
    On your roo...all I had to say to Jim's cockatiel was, "you are a boy, and you are a girl" and that did the trick! Maybe you need to explain it to him? [​IMG]
    Dam^--coffee is cold again!

    Frenchie what in the world are you gonna do with all those pumpkins? Better yet...where are you going to plant them? They take up A LOT of space! Maybe at the fall bash you should bring some along and we can have a pumpkin carving contest! I love to carve pumpkins.

    So Bigfam--what kind of mural are you painting in/on your coop? I sure wish I had the talent for that! Somebody was talking about those barn quilts...the guy I get hay from has one. The kids in the shop class made them. Maybe contact your school? He donated the wood and they did the cutting, painting and assembling. It looks cool on his barn. It is of 4 colors of maple leaves going in a circle kind of...he makes maple syrup so that is the pattern he picked. It is very striking!
    I had a friend a while back that painted stuff in people's houses...I always wanted a hen and roo painted by her on the corner wall in my kitchen...now I have the real thing in the house! [​IMG]Her house had vines and grapes with songbirds on the walls...very realistic!

    There was something else I was going to comment on...CRS...you know I have started to say that in my "real" life...any body else? Several peoply have asked me what it meant...who came up with it any how?

    I will PM you BL4--if only I could find my newest GF cookbooks! LOL! Have a fantastic day! Terri O
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    Well Jim--you just always are in the right place at the right time arentcha? Good score on the redstars! IF you put that striped roo in there will you have sex-linked color in the babies? Maybe...the couple production reds that I have sure lay nice big eggs! I must have bred them here...I havent purchased chicks in forever! (at least not that kind)

    About that water (question?)...the way to do it is to have set up so that the animals using it drink at least twice what the holding tank holds in a day. And to have a short hose going to the unit. When I had my horse tank hooked up with a float the water was always nice and cold. The hose went from the pump in the barn to the tank and was only about 15' long and in the shade of the building. I bought the stuff to make an autofill drinker for the chickens but havent done it yet. Maybe this summer...if I can find all the parts now...(right)
    Terri O

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