Wobbly Hen

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    Jul 5, 2014
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    My Swedish Hen, Miss Mabel is very wobbly and unstable on her feet for the past week or so. She's not exhibiting any obvious signs of injury or open wounds and has been eating. Due to the severe temps, I had the girls in the basement to keep them out of the elements.

    I had them crated in a large dog crate so they had room to scoot about and perch. I checked her legs and body and feel no abnormal signs.

    I put them back in the coop today since the weather has broke. Can anyone provide any ideas as to what this might be? Treatment options?

    Darn chickens are part of the family now and I'll be a mess if something happens to her.

    I should add that she is under a year old.

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    May 22, 2012
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    Sorry I have no answer, But I also had a hen (Golden Maran) (beauty queen) come stumbling out of the coop, 2 days ago, and she acted like she had Vertigo, her head was waving back & forth uncontrollable. I held her still, she got better, next day she seemed fine but when she looked up at me her head started again, but she was able to stop it on her own. any body? (she is otherwise healthy laying every day, 2 years old)

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