Would you eat an inhumane slaughtered chicken?

Would you eat an inhumane slaughtered chicken?

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Aug 31, 2018
Probably because your post seems to be trying to educate people about something most users of this site are educated about already. But also you seem to be misinformed and/or under-educated about the processes yourself. Indeed, you admit you don't even quite know what you're advocating for as you say it. Which, admittedly, has a lot of us concerned and suspicious. (This is a site that attracts a lot of deliberately inflammatory topics about animal rights. We greet these topics with as much respect as they earn.)

You're also on a website with people who have house chickens and people who have confined livestock where we've learned the lesson that how animals get treated isn't 100% black and white anywhere. House chicken people can allow their 'pets' suffer lengthy deaths from diseases, and even ground up male chicks in a woodchipper and early-butchered laying hens ultimately serve a purpose in life, feeding dogs or going into your canned soups, etc. A woodchipper would assuredly cause instant 100% brain death as well. Is that so bad?

Even that second video that you show saying "this is wrong"...

That bird is dead in seconds. Chickens bleed out FAST. My biggest problem with that video is not the kill, where the bird doesn't even react to the cut, but the rest of the conditions. The crowded cage, the unsanitary area, the scared birds in the background, the way the chicken is held by it's wings and swung around (probably not comfortable/probably frightening).

There's just no reason to have the thread go on forever to 'spread the word'. This is a chicken website. People engage with this topic on a more practical level every day on this site without the #savethewhales#oops#Imeanchickens posturing. They do it when they ask for butchering advice. Today I am going to engage on this topic in my own home as I process my extra roosters and make bone broth for my sick sister. They do it when they look at euthanasia for their pets in conditions where vets are unavailable. We don't need a theoretical topic to engage with - we have real ones we live regularly. And those are far more important than "did a male chick die in a woodchipper in a split second or to a knife in 20 seconds".
I understand what you are saying but im still expressing my view on this and their is no problem in that. It does not matter how long this is active, at least people are discussing it.
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