Would you eat an inhumane slaughtered chicken?

Would you eat an inhumane slaughtered chicken?

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Free Ranging
Nov 12, 2017
Northwest New Jersey
why, its good if you discuss it? I said it was important for people to discuss this issue :)
What you are missing is that while you are here trying to educate people who already know this stuff, you're preaching to the choir, and the choir is only responding to you to try to educate you. You seem to formulate what you believe is right or wrong just by seeing something someone else says or some video of a chicken being killed and you devise your perfect plan in your head. Death is not pretty. Facts do not come from ideas but from experience. You are trying to teach your ideas to people here that have already experienced the facts, and have experienced them for many years.
You're trying to teach the teachers, but you're not willing to learn.


Aug 31, 2018
This thread is not about me, all i do is share my opien to others on this topic and you the videos as evidence for what i say. I respect the fact that most people know more than i do due to them being on this website, but i dont wether they know more than me and i just tell them my opien on what they say, im not saying thier wrong and i am trying to teach them. I do listen to what others and read every post and consider what they say including what you have said. But this thread is revoling round me and is turning into a argument of wether im right and wrong, and this results in the thread being taken down. So i would apricate if you would stop talking about me and talk to others about the purpose of this thread even though i have taken into consideration on what you have said.


Oct 27, 2016
the same could be said about most factory farmed food.

i don't like it, i would not support it. but its tough to raise enough meat from your own land. if you have a small amount. and still you have the kill the animal you raised for birth to death, am not a fan of this. but still for that meat on your plate something had to die.

am a meat hunter. i much rather go out into nature and harvest an animal, but even then that is not an easy task (draws, time, money, etc...)


Free Ranging
Jan 4, 2019
North East USA
All I want to say is I hate supporting factory farms. I buy chicken from the store once in a while but I hate doing it. I'm hoping to raise my own meat chickens in the spring.
(I don't want to get into any of this...just stating what I think and do.)

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