Wow - it was a great gift!

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    This afternoon while doing my grocery shopping, I noticed one of the produce "guys" working so I took a moment to ask him what they do with veggies that are too old to sell. He said they give them away to the local shelter. I expressed my pleasure at his response, then he asked why I was asking. When I told him about my chickens, he said, "Well, let me see what we have in the back." He came back with a BIG box of lettuce, cauliflower, apples, blueberries, mushrooms, etc. that he said I could have! For FREE! Wow my chickens are in heaven! Shoot, one of the heads of cauliflower looked good enough for my family to eat tonight for dinner!

    The timing was just right because my chickens have been free ranging all their lives (since last March) and we recently started penning them up during the morning/early afternoon because of predators, their terrible habit of laying eggs in various places, the amount of chicken poo all over the yard. Anyway, now they have something fun to peck at for the next few days while they are cooped up!
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    What a bonus for your girls!

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