WTB: Golden Retriever or Black lab Puppy(FL) Mutt or pure.


10 Years
May 25, 2009
Lake Placid FLorida
My lab dissapeared over a month ago.. (I still believe he was stolen, but my family thinks something got him), and my family thinks I should just try with a new puppy.. id rather a Golden retriever puppy 8-13 weeks old, even willing to wait for upcoming litters, pure or mutt dont matter to me as long as it has the medium/long length fur (im a sucker for long furred dogs), or.. (this is gonna sound super picky but) A black lab with medium length fur with white on its chest, (sorry but my 3 best dogs ive ever had were black lab w/ white and a golden retriever)
Im willing to pay an adoption fee of 0-250 for the golden retriever. and of course be responsible for the pickup. im in Lake Placid FL and really cant go over 120 Miles.
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Too bad you weren't closer to MA. One of the families I dog sit for is trying to find a good home for their 8 month old female golden. She is UTD on shots and already spade. She is such a sweet girl too.
Please try Petfinder.com, enter your search criteria... female, golden retreiver, young/or baby, etc. and area zip code and you will see all the homeless pets up for adoption in shelters near your location. I promise you will see one you fall in love with as there are over three hundred thousand in USA alone, just waiting for a forever home. Adoption fees are generally minimal, and she will be fixed and utd with all shots. Besides; you just might find your own dog if the animal control people picked him/her up!

Good luck!
Tried! LOL few full grown dogs come up then other breeds then when I fnally see a Golden retriever or lab its in a Diff state

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