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  1. Okay...so I paid $35 for a dozen eggs off eBay. I ended up with 15. I was excited for the extras!

    I set them out overnight to settle & then placed them into the incubator the next morning. I wrote the date 6/6 on them so I'd know when I put them in.

    So I candled them the other night & NOT ONE OF THEM appears to be fertile???

    I emailed the dude and told him they were all clear (no blood rings, no signs of busted air sacs), just perfectly clear.

    No response from the guy....

    Should I press the issue, or just chalk it up & as a learning experience? [​IMG]
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    $35 now days isn't something you want to just toss in the trash. I would press the issue even if it only made other buyers aware.
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    If you could open them without disturbing the yolk, you'd be able to tell if they were fertile. They could have been fertile, but destroyed by x-rays. Can you see a yolk at all? It's also possible someone shook the box and scrambled them.
  4. Usually you can tell if they are scrambled. The yolk won't look like a darker blob.

    So this is day 10?? You definitely should be seeing veins and embryos.

    I'd definitely let the seller know. Did they have a disclaimer regarding replacement of unfertile eggs? Some folks will send you more eggs for just the shipping.
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    I would send another message. At least they could respond,but maybe the seller has something going on and has not been able to contact you. As a seller, I would want to know,just as a heads up. Some people have good hatches,some don't,but if everyone told me the eggs were clear,I would have to have a talk with my roos. [​IMG] Yotetrapper just hatched 10 out of the 13 eggs I sent,so if the next person had a horrible hatch,at least I'd know fertility was not a problem. Good luck with yours.
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    There are so many things that could have gone wrong. First before you bid on any eggs look to see what their feedback is. If they have hardly sold any eggs you will have to take a chance if those are the breeds you want. If they have wonderful feed back chances are the eggs you received were x-rayed and were turned sterile. Also temps and other things can cause them not to actually grow and appear infertile. I have had several batches that I have bought that ended the same way. I admit it is very frustrating to not have them email you back but I would check out thier auction that you won and see what they said incase of no hatches. I personally will offer a second batch for shipping but if they dont offer then dont expect.... [​IMG] It is amazing what happens to them and even more amazing we get any to hatch at all. I would chalk it up to a learning experience. When selling on ebay I always give feedback as soon as I receive payment and when buying I give positive after I check the egg out. I candle then and let them rest. Most people selling on ebay do not try to send infertile eggs. Good luck and I hope you can work something out. Jenn
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    I would definetly press the issue. Most egg sellers on Ebay will stand by their eggs to atleast be fertile. I understand them not guarenteeing a hatch, but they should be fertile for goodness sake!
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    the very same thing happened to me. I bought some EE eggs, and just like you i got 15. However one was cracked , so i opened it. It had a bullseye and was fertile. None developed,... exactly like your nothing. I assume they were x-rayed. open one and check, if it isfertile, theywere x-rayed, it is not fertile open a second and check this one. If none are fertile take pictures of the egg yolks as proof and press the issue. If they were fertile ask they guy if he would replace the eggs nocharge if you pay for S&H.
  9. I would keep on him, until he answers. Though the were most likely x-rayed.

    Last year I ordered 12 Silver and 12 Golden sebright eggs. All of the silver were fertile and hatched, none of the golden eggs developed.
  10. Quote:Thanks....I'll send him another email if I don't hear back in the next 20 minutes or so....

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