1. Liv's chickens

    Rabbits for sale in Vermont! Lots of breeds!

    Above are our Holland Lop boys Above are our Lion Lop babies Above is our black otter Lionhead buck Our mini Rex babies above Hello everyone, we are a small hobby breeder in Vermont (Shaftsbury/North Bennington area), and we have some Lionhead, Holland/Mini Lop, Lion Lop, And...
  2. B

    Brahma Chicks

    I am looking for anyone who has Brahma's for sale near the Portland Oregon, or Vancouver Washington area. I currently have Lights, Buffs and Darks. I would like to add some other colors to my flock. If anyone knows of someone in the area that might have some chicks or knows of someone who ships...
  3. Iziayia

    Mycoplasma - the ethical debate

    I can't explain how heavy my heart felt this morning when I received the test results back. My birds have been diagnosed with Mycoplasma. I've been raising and breeding heritage breed poultry for a few years now. I even have my own 'line' of Olive egger chickens that I've been working very...
  4. Squeak61

    Looking for a Delaware

    Hi everyone! I’ve been looking for a Delaware chicken, above 8 weeks old. I haven’t been able to find any, so I’m taking to the forum to look! If anyone knows of anywhere to get one in Connecticut or Massachusetts, please let me know! Maybe someone knows a breeder here on the forum?
  5. orangesplash

    How to differentiate a Breeder from a Non-Breeder?

    How do I tell which one is a breeder male and which one isn’t ? Which one is the best one in these ?
  6. T

    looking for a pure breeder

    im looking for a breeder in or will ship to louisiana that breeds 3 or more of the following, salmon faverolle, mille fleur d'uccle, silkie, amercauna, olive egger, frizzled polish. i dont trust the large hatcheries to give pure bred, which is a requirement bc i plan to show them!
  7. anniejli

    Be Aware of Sunny Side Up Ranch in Norco, CA Selling Deadly Sick Chickens

    I am new to this site and was not able to find a place to post breeder review, so I am posting this thread in forum. I urge everyone who is thinking to buy or already bought chickens from Sunny Side Up Ranch in Norco CA to read their yelp reviews at...
  8. A

    Best place to get Indian runner ducks?

    I want some Indian runner ducks and TSC doesn't have them. Where is the best place to get them?
  9. Squeak61

    Good silkie breeders?

    Does anyone know of any reliable silkie breeders on the forum or just in general? I just lost my new silkie chicks :( I’m in CT, I’m willing to drive a bit or pay shipping.
  10. Quacking Pigeon

    Is this seller safe? A question for people in NSW

    So I may get some pigeons off this seller but I'm pretty sure a few years ago someone put an ad up on Gumtree about that the birds were sick. I'm still not getting any birds off him just in case. If anyone knows of this seller please tell me more about the the health and state of his pigeons, Thanks
  11. mdees88

    DIY Quail Cage 2.0

    I decided to build this cage specifically for breeders. I wanted it to require as little "maintenance" as possible. It needed to hold a lot of feed, have an unlimited water supply, and have a large roll out egg catcher. My goal was to design a cage that "could" be left unattended for up to one...
  12. mdees88

    DIY Quail Cage 1.0

    I got into quail a few years ago and did a bunch of research on youtube before I built my first cage. I have since built a much larger cage and I learned from my first one and did things a little different in it. I'm going to show ya'll my first cage then I'll tell you a few things I wish I had...
  13. Quacking Pigeon

    Breeder: Goulburn Heritage Poultry Review

    Goulburn Heritage Poultry is a breeder of fowl, waterfowl (very few), avairy birds etc. Goulburn Heritage Poultry is located at Goulburn, NSW. Goulburn Heritage Poultry posts fertile eggs. My Review: When my parents bought some chickens from GHP they died on the 2-3 day having them, yet did we...
  14. Miriah132

    Beginner breeder advice

    Hi y’all! So I’ve been reading, researching, and raising chickens for the passed 3 years. Now I am looking to get more in depth and start breeding some of the harder to find breeds in this area. The three breeds I have decided on are black copper Marans, BBS Marans, Cream Legbars, and Svart...
  15. R

    Faverolles hatchery vs breeders.

    I've been considering getting faverolles in the future, and I have heard that many people with hatchery Faverolles have poor quality birds (some are really small, no muff, no beard, not friendly, etc). Do you believe this is due to them being from hatcheries, or due to the smaller gene pool that...
  16. SeanClark5879

    Central Illinois/Indiana Breeders?

    I am wanting to get chickens (hopefully soon) and I would love to support local breeders over large scale chicken-mills that just mass produce chicks with no real care about the chicky babies. I am basically living on the state border of the two states (Clark County IL, 25 minutes from Terre...
  17. Kaitlyn18


    Does anyone know if anyone who sells emu eggs that are not scammers, have great hatchability and fertility rates and that lives in the US? I’d like to buy one possibly two. Any breeders other than Kaylaya Emu Estates, I know of them. Must ship.
  18. madisonboe

    Any breeders in the Sacramento area?

    Looking for Wyandotte chicks in the Sacramento or grass valley area! :)
  19. Just Rosie

    Reputable Ameraucana hatcheries/breeders in GA? (or online)

    Hello, I've decided I'm getting chickens again this winter/spring, and I have fallen in love with the Ameraucana breed. I've searched through many hatcheries/craigslist ads, and a lot of them are just easter eggers, or they're extremely expensive with shipping minimums (I know, it's winter.) I...
  20. C

    Help Breeding.

    Not sure if posting this in the right section or not. So I'm not into being a breeder but my dad is but he is kind of a beginner to all this. He was telling me about the different breeds he has had in the past and told me that so far he has only managed to breed one white hen. So my question is...
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