1. Valley Farmer

    Breeding Quality White Leghorn Rooster Wanted - UNY

    Looking for a White Leghorn Rooster for breeding. Located in upstate NY. Thanks.
  2. M

    ISO BBS or Lavender Wheaten Ameraucana

    I'm located in Tallahassee, FL and am in search of a young BBS or Lavender Wheaten Ameraucana pullet. The chickens i'd like to put add to are about 10 weeks old. I'm willing to drive a reasonable distance but am having trouble finding quality breeders in the area. I'd appreciate any...
  3. KayStock17

    California Breeders!

    Hey! I have been looking through the breeder/hatcheries list and can’t find any in California! I’m looking for specific chicks or hatching eggs and would love to get from a breeder, not a hatchery back east! It’s warm here, all my birds are still laying, so I assume that’s correct for most of...
  4. ShowTimeSilkies

    Breeder sent old/infertile eggs, what should I say?

    I ordered two dozen eggs from a local breeder here in Arizona and its turned out to be kind of a disaster. Firstly, I'm 15 and have been saving my money to be able to afford this breeders eggs, they are $50 a dozen and I bought two dozen. I may be young but I've been raising chickens for years...
  5. S

    Straight Lavender Brahmas anyone?!?

    I had a small breeding flock of lavender brahmas that I obtained from Carolina Rare Chicks. Unfortunately, a fox just took out my one and only Lavender Roo! I'm absolutely devastated. It doesn't look like any more are currently available. Does anyone know of any other breeders? Thanks!!
  6. C

    Salmon Faverolle

    Hi! I'm searching for a local salmon faverolle breeder in Ohio. I have ordered from Meyer hatchery before, but they were a little dark in color for my liking. Does anyone have recommendations for breeders, or a hatchery that you were happy with the quality and coloring of salmon faverolles...
  7. L

    In Search of: LF Cochin and Bantam Cochin Breeder

    I am searching for a breeder who deals with LF and Bantam Cochins, Frizzled as well that ships Chicks - No hatching eggs (bad experience with this option) I need to start over from my current stock - they weren't the best stock to begin with and as a newbie in the beginning few years ago I...
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