1. 3bird

    Free Ranging Ducks

    Greetings all! Our seven silver Appleyard ducklings are now almost 7 weeks old and HUGE! They are living in the duckhouse and attached run, and most mornings we move them about 25 feet from the run to the fenced garden. In the evening, we move them back to the run. They've figured out that...
  2. HarrietHens

    Backyard fence to keep chickens in?

    Hi all, My husband and I are excited to pick up our 3 pullets this weekend and start our flock! We're going to spend the next few days getting the coop and enclosed run all ready to go. In addition to the run, we'd like to provide the chickens with opportunities to move around and explore the...
  3. daisydoes

    Free ranging without a fence?

    Hey there! I'm new here. My very first batch of ducklings are supposed to arrive in 2 weeks, and although I have plenty of time to get things figured out before they move outdoors, I just want to be prepared. I am hoping to be able to let them free range during the day and have them come back in...
  4. Fort Chicken

    Fort Chicken

    After two raccoon attacks in which enlisted Chickens were killed at the Chicken outpost in Greenbrier, Arkansas, Colonel Red Rooster summoned the help of me to establish a coon proof fortress in which Chickens would longer fear the piddly little hands of a racoon. The result of the undertaking...
  5. My year long Semi-Green Chicken Coop

    My year long Semi-Green Chicken Coop

    Well this is the start of the year long project. Yes it was a year. With so many other thing happening, it is just how things like this worked out. So we brought these pallets. We bought 22 of them and we paid $2.25 a piece for them. They are 7'4" x 4'6". We used my shop's interior to set...
  6. Coastal Cottage Coop

    Coastal Cottage Coop

    Coop floor is 3' off the ground. Coop measures 3' x 8'. From floor to max ceiling height is approximately 4' tall. This coop is made entirely from recycled wood. Mainly old pallets and an old privacy fence I took down. My coop is not finished just yet but is functional for my 10 young girls...
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