1. champignon

    Why is this keet's belly so dirty? Should I be concerned?

    Hi all, I'm a pretty new guinea keeper and this is my first time posting here. I have six 8-day old keets. A few of them had some mild pasty butt the first couple of days I had them, but that seems to have cleared up. Last night and this morning, this one keet has had the issue shown in the...
  2. T

    Keet Emergency!?

    Hi, I've been raising Guineas for the past 10 years and have stumbled upon an issue with this years hatch (so far). I have two keets that for some unknown reason, are acting sickly. They are from a batch of 15 that hatch on varied days due to another hen laying in the brood hen's nest. The...
  3. Liv's chickens

    Something wrong with guinea Keet eye need help ASAP

    Hello everyone. I know backyard chickens is mostly for, well, chickens, but the problem I’m facing I have a feeling would be nearly the same if it happened with a chick. I picked up 10 guinea keets that I had ordered today and one of them I didn’t notice anything wrong with, until just a few...
  4. AMoritz

    Splayed leg keet

    I have 2 hatched keets so far, Earl is 4 days old and Evie is 2 days old. Evie appears to have splayed leg. I though it was just cuz she was very young but it's def not getting better. There are times both her legs are OVER her wings :hit I read an article on here to use a small rubber band and...
  5. Broody Bottoms

    New Here From Texas

    Hi y'all, I have been reading the questions & replies on Backyard Chickens for a while now, so I finally decided I should join. A little over a year ago, I assembled a hen house & did some yard work for an elderly gentleman. Though I didn't expect anything in return for it, he insisted on...
  6. Lamia1791

    Guineas and Chickens?

    We have just moved to Oak Hills and discovered our first Rattlesnake. We are looking to get Guineas to let them roam the yard, and at least alert us if there is one around. Also hoping they will eat some of these beetles! I want the guineas to be free to roam in the day, and I've read that if...
  7. Mommatreekeeper

    Mother heating pad for guineas?

    Hello! Long time lurker but first time posting. I have guinea keets shipping tomorrow and I just got my chicken brooder set up today. I love using the heating pad method and making a ‘cave’ for chicks to crawl under. I successfully raised 15 this spring, they all feathered out at 4 weeks old...
  8. G

    Is this Wry neck? How can I fix this? Please help

    Hello everyone. I have 4 Guinea Keets here that the mother abandoned. I picked them up yesterday morning, a few hours after they had hatched. I moved the guinea hen and her 20 babies into my baby coop. These 4 were left kicked out from the nest and already had flies on them, barely hanging on. I...
  9. K

    Are Guineafowl a smart choice?

    I have an established flock of chickens and will soon add more chickens. I'm also torn between a goose or guinea as a security alarm. Which will do the job without bullying my flock?
  10. B

    Guinea fowl nesting habits.

    Hey everyone! We have 11 Guinea fowl (6 hens and 5 cocks) and are expecting eggs soon. I have a few questions. A. When do guineas start laying their eggs? Are they laying now, or in March and April? B. We have two chickens and a rooster. Will the chicken hens raise the keets once they hatch...
  11. PolarBerry

    New... with keets and turkeys!

    Hello all, New here. Years ago I had chickens and ducks but I bought some last-of-the-season bourbon red turkeys and some pearl and royal purple guinea fowl. I ordered about 2 dozen but 7 turkey and 22 keets arrived. I have them all in a makeshift kiddie pool brooder (with wire around it)...
  12. Krazyquilts

    So proud of my vicious little keets!

    I was hunting around for some worms to give my mama duck with newly hatched babies and I found a mouse nest with a small mouse. Before I could chicken out ;) I stomped on it with my boot until I stopped moving long enough for me to grab it (with gloves on) and fling it in my 6-week-old keets...
  13. K

    Something is wrong with my male guinea's eyes

    Okay so I'm very concerned about one of my young male guinea's eyes. I noticed yesterday that his left eye was swollen and half way shut. I figured one of the others pecked him, or he just got something in it. Today I noticed that both eyes are swollen shut and the poor thing can't see and keeps...
  14. LongevityKitchn

    Raising Peafowl Chicks with Guinea Chicks

    Hello, We are raising 22 guinea keets and 4 peafowl, all of which are only 1 month old. They are in our house right now, in separate cages (guinea in one, peas in the other). We converted a horse stall into a coop for the birds, all enclosed with chicken wire to keep predators out. We raise...
  15. MjsChickens

    Brooding Chicks and Keets?

    I -very- recently made an order to Cackle Hatchery for Rhode Island, Barred Rock, Australorp chicks and 5 random guinea keets. I want to know if I can raise them together, and I have quite a few questions as I have never raised guineas, let alone with other species. 1. What should I feed them? I...
  16. BithellFarmsLLC

    Keet Feed Sugestions

    Hi, I am looking for a place to order the starter feed for my keets (I know chick starter is not high enough in protein for them). Can anyone suggest any websites that offer quality feed at a reasonable price. Thanks! My first batch is due to hatch around June 12.
  17. Anita Scott

    New keets, hints for first time

    We found 19 eggs and incubated them. Fortunately 2 nights later a raccoon hit the replacement chicken eggs, followed by snakes and more raccoons. Last night our keets hatched. We have a nice brooder box, they really seem to love it. We are keeping the water warmed with one light. Question-...
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