new hampshire

  1. jmalty

    NH Icelandic Roosters Free to good home

    I have too many roosters & hoping to find them a new home for 2 Icelandic Roosters. These 2 are absolutely beautiful. They were hatched in May 2017 & the eggs were from David Grote's Whippoorwill farm. They are truly beautiful birds. I wish I could keep them but I already have 2 Icelandic...
  2. jmalty

    Free 2 Swedish Flower Hen Roosters Southern New Hampshire

    Hi, I have 2 Swedish Flower Hen Roosters that need a new home. I have too many for my flock so I am giving them away Free to a good home. These were purchased as chicks in late May from Carmela Migliore. They are really beautiful birds. Located in Southern New Hampshire Free
  3. blackgum

    german new hampshires

    looking for some german new hampshire eggs or chicks. thanks
  4. ToriMclgal

    Wanted: Cochin or Brahma in NH

    Hi, all! It's the end of chicken-buying season, and Cackle (the only hatchery with both sexed bantams and cheap shipping) is totally sold-out of bantams. I am looking for a pullet or young hen in NH (or nearby VT, MA, and ME). Buff, blue, splash, partridge, or possibly another light-colored...
  5. Andrew10

    Looking for certified apa breeding partners

    Im looking for 5 certified apa breeding partners. im going to try to start my own officially reconized chicken breed. Okay here's some info about what I want to do, 1. I want do a three way cross of New Hampshire red, black Jersey giant, and barred rock. And I'm aiming for a good dual purpose...
  6. Chicken_Lover133

    Hens or Roosters?

    I have two very friendly New Hampshire's I hatched from eggs, they're about five weeks old now and I want to know if they're hens or roosters.
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