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    Jun 16, 2011
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    the people who gave us our two older pullets asked us if we would take the 3 they kept. they arent laying yet and they were purchased in march. I told them we just started getting eggs so to be patient they should hopefully start soon. I think the family has just grown tired of them and doesnt want to take care of them anymore. I told them i would take them but to give them another couple of weeks to at least give them a chance.
    We are feeding ours layer crumbles. they feed pellets ( not sure if they are layer) and cracked corn. Hub was looking at theirs tonight he said he wanted to be sure they are healthy and such. so my question is how long do we keep them isolated before joining them with our flock if we do take them?
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    30 days. And stick with the pellets. You will save a TON of money using them instead of mash or crumbles.

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