8 x 12 Woods coop design - plan

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    Jan 17, 2017
    This design is based on Drawings and description in Modern Fresh Air Poultry Houses by Prince T. Woods, MD.

    Also inspired by several other Woods House builds posted on BYC.

    I have modified my plan to 8x12, primarily to take advantage of standard plywood being 4x8. Second consideration was being able to easily move it. It also happens to comply with local building code in terms of size and being "temporary".

    Some details are still left out. For example, I have not settled on my windows, so I haven't drawn in the framing. It should have one on both sides of the front shed and possibly one in the rear opposite the door. And the monitor windows at top.

    The floor is actually 7' 9" wide x 12' long. That allows you to use 8' wide plywood on the roof after adding siding and trim. I'm starting with 4x6 pressure treated beams for skids, set 6' apart, with 4x4 in between near the front, rear and center. Even though it's PT, I will level it up on piers or blocks. Floor would be framed with 2x4 on 16" center. Then 3/4 plywood.


    The walls are framed with 2x4, on 24" center, with no top plate.
    The center monitor beams are a built up beam consisting of 2 - 2x6s with 1/2" plywood sandwiched in between. Glue it together with liquid nails and screw or nail it together. The beam across the front opening can be the same, only with 2x4, it has a center post.


    This currently shows the door, but does not have the windows.
    The top of the monitor beam is 8' from the bottom of the floor framing. So one piece of plywood covers without a seam. Because of the door and where a window may be on the other side, you could probably work this out different and have it a little taller. But 8' was simple and fell in place with the other dimensions.
    The bottom of the lower window sill beam is 5' from the floor.


    Front would be open, screened with hardware cloth. Big windows on both sides of the front shed and one window in the back opposite the door, depending on where nest boxes end up. And upper monitor windows.


    The current version of this Sketchup model is here.
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    Awesome you could try helpful hints for building a coop. Or get some a hold of @CapricornFarm she has great advice :thumbsup
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    The Big Island/Hawaii
    :love LOVE your design & thinking :welcome
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    Nov 27, 2012
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    My Coop
    Excellent modeling and dimensioning.
    (except top of 5' is not attached?)
    High praise from an old drafter ;)
    Looking forward to following this thread.
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    Nov 7, 2012
    Love the Wood's coop. The only comment I have to make is this: I'd increase the overhang of the roof on the sides and back to help deflect rain and snow from the building. One extra sheet of plywood should meet the need, maybe???
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    Feb 18, 2016
    Don't know if you copied my house, or arrived at the same conclusion by accident, but at any rate, what you have come up with is about 95% identical to mine. Brilliant minds think alike?


    Where we differ is in the floor, which is only different by choice....elevated wood floor vs. dirt.

    We also differ in how the monitor was framed up.......mine is beefy and for a reason. All weight of both roofs flows to the monitor window framing. This framing then has to move the load to the sidewall support framing. It has not mattered to me yet, but I have not yet had the 1 foot plus of wet heavy snow on it that I know is coming someday. So I built for that....or worse.

    And lastly, I have sliding windows on the side. Same framing, you just modify it slightly to allow for the windows to slide open.
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    Awesome! Thanks for adding the measurements in your drawings!
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    Nice plan, others, who want a Woods, could go from it. I don't think I would go with 2X6"s for the floor beams. Might be a springy floor with 2X4"s. I built mine, basically to the plan/drawings, in the book. Specifically, Wood's designed the coop with small eaves/overhangs. Like a 6" overhang over the open front, and back wall. No overhang over the monitor windows. Because you want to get all of the sunlight/shine, you can get, into the coop. Besides, with the upper windows open, they are going to act as eaves and protect against the rain anyways. My coop is 8' wide, and I didn't bother with cutting down the plywood for the floors. Used full sheets, and full sheets on the roof. Just overhung the shingles a bit, and added some drip rail around the roof perimeter. The coop has no problem shedding rain.

    Like Howard said, you'll have to modify the front section's framing a bit, to use the sliding windows. That's easy enough. You say you are going to have a window, opposite the door? You don't need it. Nest boxes go there. And with properly sized windows in the front section, plus the monitor windows, you'll get plenty of light and fresh air. No need for any more. My coop is 16' deep, and it's flooded with sunlight.
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    My Coop
    Think you mean you would go for 2x6.......I was thinking the same thing, but they are supported by the beams underneath.
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    North Eastern Md.

    Yeah, like you said. I think I need another cup of coffee. Even with beams, 2X4"s are, IMO, too light for a floor.
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