A century of Turkey talk 2000-2100.

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by duluthralphie, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. mountain mom

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    Nov 5, 2013
    Alright, I have a bit of time to chat. Thanks for all the opinions. Here is what I have come up with:

    First, the Broncos were terrible today. This is a sad thing in my home.

    Second, I believe Banshee is androgynous. Like Pat from SNL.

    As a younger turkey, he was bigger than Tomahawk, had thicker legs, was more aggressive.
    When Dinner was around, especially once he started displaying and strutting ALL DAY LONG, Banshee jumped ship and stopped hanging out with him. Tomahawk stayed. Banshee started wandering a lot once Tomahawk showed her alliance.
    I have never heard Banshee call the same way hens do. He is talkative and makes all the cute sounds, but not the hen call.
    Not the gobble either.
    I played gobbles this afternoon, and Banshee got all red, his snood grew quite a bit (still not past his beak) and was very interested in my phone. Not displaying per se, but poofing up a bit.

    I dunno. I know for certain (without the proof of an egg) that Tomahawk 2 is a hen. White edging on the chest feathers. And she cries like a girl. Not to be mean, but she does. My daughter cries a lot too. I don't remember ever crying so much.
    Unless it is in regards to turkeys not hatching, being the wrong sex, etc.

    I have run the calculator with Penguin over Banshee, just in case. I will get slates and blacks. I am okay with this... Just letting you know Ralph. I hear your DW has threatened the life of Penguin.

    I have also informed my DH that if Banshee is a hen, I am most certainly hitting Ralph up again and forcing one of my dang birds to hatch eggs. Since he (my DH) can't be trusted with the incubator.

    Without going back a few pages, I can't remember who lost their hen because of a prolapsed vent. I'm so sorry! Even though they are livestock and serve a purpose, they worm their way into our hearts and losing one is never easy.

    We buried Cricket earlier today.
    We had to cull a hen a month or so ago because of the dog attack, she didn't get buried. She became fox bait. Still haven't captured that dang thing. Or anything other than the raccoon...
    Ralph, lucky that weasel ended up in the trap that malfunctioned.

  2. duluthralphie

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    Jul 11, 2014
    Orrock township, Minnesota
    I am found most of the time my life trap malfunctions. What is amazing is it did not malfunction on that cute little kitten.

    Maybe I read the instructions wrong for releasing the trapped critter safely.

    My instructions said:

    1) fill a 55 gallon barrel with water
    2) place trap into barrel making sure entire trap is submerged
    3) keep trap in barrel for 45-60 minutes until trapped animal can be safely released.

    The kitten was so cute and innocent I knew she was able to be safely released.
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  3. memphis

    memphis Crowing

    Aug 6, 2012
    MM...Not much makes me cry, but I'm a Payton fan...that made me cry....feeling your pain.

    Banshee. ...my original thought was he is "passing" as a hen. Seriously, my fist thought was hen. After reading your post my thought is still hen. But I'm no expert. How old is Banshee? That could give us another clue. I've also heard that hens are more snuggly than toms. The mystery will be solved....hopefully.

    Again...sorry about Cricket.

    Ralphie. ...my live trap came with the same instructions. Followed them to a "T". Still can't get the dang thing to work right. :lol:

    Aurora. ..just wondering if Adam is still stuck on display mode. :lol:
  4. memphis

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    Aug 6, 2012
    Ralphie ...you never explained what caused that guineas hen to be confined to the gulag for life!

    It is ironic that JJ & Ethel ended up being such cool birds. Guess you never know. I rescued Daisy in rush hour traffic and couldn't have a sweeter girl.

    Did you notice. ...there are a couple offers to take (rescue) Penguin. Just saying. Seems several of us are worried about the fate of the little guy. But I agree with Fiesty, he's just going through that teenage stage.

    And I'm still picturing Turkules sitting on hens. :lol:
  5. Auroradream26

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    May 14, 2013
    Central, PA

    Yup, always lol. He's still my cuddly buddy though (in the evening at least). Last night before bed, I was tucking them in for the night and I was cuddling Adam for a minute. He just laid his big head on my shoulder and closed his eyes. I felt bad leaving lol
  6. memphis

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    Aug 6, 2012
    Aurora, that is so sweet. When Daisy is sleeping on my lap I could sit there for hours.
  7. RetiredRon

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    Sep 16, 2015
    Vilonia AR

    Oh.. wow

  8. memphis

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    Aug 6, 2012
    My girls must have eaten their Wheaties this morning! They were so silly. Hopping around flapping & barking. I couldn't resist....i had to run around flapping too. Totally freaks them out! Must be the cooler weather.
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  10. feistychick

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    Jul 25, 2015
    Northern Washington coast
    Memphis - I love it - always freaks out the birds when we behave as silly as them :D

    I built an indoor dust bath for the turkeys yesterday, I wonder how long it will take them to figure out what it is?? It took the chickens a couple of weeks to get over their suspicion and decide that the indoor dust bowl was something good :rolleyes: Now I can't get them out of it and they'll sleep in there if I let them lol. Turkeys are more curious, so I'm thinking that they will figure it out faster (and they do love their dust baths). It's so wet here in the winter, that I'm pretty sure the next "dust" bath would probably be available in May - so I thought I'd put a couple in the barn and see if they'll use it :)

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