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    I have 17 3 1/2 month old chickens. They have a 8x8 chicken coop with a wood floor that is covered with plexiglass. Their roosts are 2x4s and a poop board underneath. The poop board has sand with PDZ in it. The floor of the coop has wood chips with DE. I have 4 wooden nest boxes with straw and a bit of DE in them. The run is a dirt floor and is 12x14 and is covered. I do put some straw down for them to scratch in but I think I'm going to stop doing that because....

    This morning I was cleaning out the poop board like every morning when I noticed some very bright red bloody poops. It's been really hot and humid here in mid Indiana and now really rainy.
    They are acting fine, drinking and eating fine. No lethargy, no sitting around or anything.

    I change their water every day and put ACV. They are fed medicated starter/grower feed. They get dry as well as I make a mash of food and water every day. As far as treats, I give them plain yogurt about 3 times a week and they get watermelon on real hot days and I always cut them some grass and hand feed them every evening. All treats are given in the evening. I throw meal worms onto the ground for them to scratch for.

    I had an injured chicken which as of yesterday I have placed back into the run inside a dog kennel to integrate back into the flock.

    To treat what I think is coccidiosis, this morning I got the liquid Corid 9.6% and mixed 2 teaspoons per gallon of water. Then made a mash with the treated water.

    QUESTION: The run is a bit damp from all the rain we've been getting even though the run is completely covered, it blows in from the sides. I have AG lime powder. I have researched and researched trying to find out is it ok to dust it straight onto the ground without digging it into the ground?

    And is it ok for the chickens to scratch in it, possibly eating some it too?

    We have thoroughly cleaned the coop, nest boxes as well we completely cleaning out the run (raking, washing down stuff, scraping etc.) I just need to try to dry out the run as much as possible and I thought I should start with the lime.

    Am I going to have to do this every time it rains?
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    I think medicated feed is supposed to be stopped after 8 weeks though I'm not sure. Your birds should be immune to coccidiosis by now. Have you checked for bleeding blood feathers, or toe nails? I would think injury before coccidiosis, especially if no one is acting dumpy.

    We regularly use barn lime. Is this what you are talking about? Garden lime is different and shouldn't be used. DE is a respiratory irritant. I preferably lime.

    I would always provide fresh drinking water without ACV, if you choose to use it. Some birds won't drink as much with that in the water. I personally prefer just regular old water refreshed daily.
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    Thanks for replying. I'm always afraid someone will get it mixed up on their ages (not sure you did so thought I would ask so please forgive me if you didn't). They are 3 1/2 months old and I have 17 of them, lol.

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I thought they are supposed to have the medicated grower/starter until they start laying eggs?

    As far as the blood, it is definitely not an injury. It's mixed only in their poops.
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    Post a pic of poops?
    Wonders if the ACV might have inhibited the medicated feed function?
    The 'medication' in the feed is amprolium?
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