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    Hello all!

    New member but long-time lurker, have wanted chickens for several years since I started organic garden and herb garden! And composting and and and....I knew that chickens were the missing link!

    Chicks are a week old today, I think, and growing their wing feathers, even glimpsed tiny tail feathers yesterday. They are 3 Gold Laced Wyandottes and 3 Partridge Rocks, Which I think will make a VERY gorgeous flock. Besides it being that time of year to do this, I am recently retired so have time and energy for the many chores as well as the enjoyment. I am having a 4x5 coop built with a 9 foot walk-in run, which will be placed in a fenced yard.

    Predator -proofing is on my mind at the moment, as well as leveling out yard for coop/run placement. The yard is glacial till so it is a bit hard to manage...

    I love to research all things chicken and hope I am making good choices...and this forum has been an incredible help all I figured it was time to introduce myself here. Happy to meet all of you and become a part of this incredible community!

    I am currently setting up a larger brooder in an unused bathtub with glass encosure doors. I am thinking it is about time to move them in there, with light and larger feeder and an automatic cup waterer. They are currently in a rubbermaid tub, and I am concerned it is getting a bit confined....Any thoughts?

    They are peeping away, and getting quite cuddly and unafraid. Yesterday I took them out and put them on a beach towel with me inside the bathroom. They all pooped immediately. On the towel. Then they wound up in my lap...this is TOO much fun. I take a picture a day...
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    This thread is just about my ramblings and what I am learning and ideas and things I am trying for a small backyard flock...hope to post regularly to keep track! My girls are three weeks old right now and learning to perch. All input welcome and nice to meet all of you! Feel free to post!

    Today: Ordered a hole-saw set from ebay so that I can add ventilation to the coop as well as make a bucket feeder.

    Chicken coop builder to be here in two days to fix predator proofing (arg) I paid enough for it....not okay. Chicks need to go outside with MHP into coop. We shall see how it goes. I will fix ventilation issues myself and maybe educate builder.
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    Dec 12, 2013
    Hi [​IMG]

    Cute chicks you have there. It sounds like you are enjoying them. Glad to hear you're taking pictures...I always wish I'd taken more when my girls were small.

    Have a good evening!
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    Awwwwwww, so cute! [​IMG] It sounds like you're really going to enjoy chickening! Have fun! Thanks for sharing.
  5. mobius

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    Awww, thanks for the pleasant comments! Here a week in, the bathtub brooder/playpen!
  6. mobius

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    A smashed garlic clove and ACV in the water! Yum!
  7. mobius

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    Sprouts? We LOVE us some sprouts (ain't nobody spoiled but us chickens!!)
  8. mobius

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    Babies First Dustbath! (a little DE, dolomitic lime and mostly peat moss! I had to put some greens in there but after 30 minutes or so they figured it out and are going to town!

    And being selfish about it! Hogging and not sharing! Laying on their sides and acting drunk! [​IMG]
    There's a reason they call it Chicken TV.
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    After three inches of snow, guess who shows up? The chicken coop guy. Finally. They fixed what I asked so now I can move on, but annoyingly need a "tiny" bit more hardware cloth for the exterior of the window. Anyway. Heading in the right direction (which for me has to do with closure!!).

    It has gotten a bit cold here so I am less motivated to be outside...nonetheless it will all work out...
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  10. mobius

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    New idea!

    Wiffle ball with microgreens inside. This should be interesting!


    The dog is not pleased. That was HIS wiffle ball.


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