Am I an animal hoarder? lol


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I cant stop! my whole life ive loved animals...i love everything about them! all kinds of animals, cold blooded, hot blooded, air breathers, water breathers...doesnt matter im fascinated. I put most of my money into animals! My animals are always kept up to date with the vet and shots, and are always clean. I currently have 2 horses, 2 goats, a rabbit, 2 geese, 10 chicks, a bearded dragon and 2 cats...yet I want more! I want to add pygmy goats to the clan and a I an animal hoarder?
Are they all in your Bedroom ? lol I am about to hit my 100 th Critter .. SO I am going to vote NO ! I have two goats one is expecting 3 dogs 6 ducks about 80 combined chicks and full grown hens and roos .. a couple Turkeys couple Bunny's .. And I WANT MORE !!!!
I think as long as you have Good homes can feed and care for them properly and your house is safe ..Then we get to avoid the Hoarder term and pretend its just a Fram : ) Boy but that show kills me how some people can have their house full with vermin drawn in ammonia filling their lungs etc.. that is insane !!
Animal Hoarder? Nope. As long as you can thoroughly keep them in great conditions and give them proper love your fine.

I have 2 Wolf Dogs, 2 Great Danes, 1 Chiweenie, 1 Yorkie Poodle Mix, 2 Ferrets, Turtle, Several Aquariums, 3 ducks, 1 Guinea, 3 Geese, 1 Rabbit, and Currently brooding 2 Turkeys. And a few more I know I'm forgetting. I'm no where near done having enough animals. Everyone is kept in proper living conditions and given plenty of love.
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Aside from the proper living conditions, nutrition, exercise, appropriate companionship and proper mental stimulation, the next question to ask is: Are they getting enough attention from me? We're hitting our chicken math quota because I want to be able to look each and everyone of them in the eye each morning and when I get home. I want to be able to have a meaningful connection with every animal I have...ok, maybe not all the tropical fish, they just want food anyway. But that's how we gauge what is enough.

A question to ask yourself is...would I want to be one of my animals? I think it's clear, being an animal in a hoarded situation is basically an insecure existence at best and a terribly lacking one in all vital areas at its worst.

The fact that you'd stop and ask yourself is a good sign. Hoarders never even consider that question.
I agree with Reikistar. I have alot of pets as well, used to be more, but as kids arrived, and pets passed, I find I need to keep my clan to manageable levels.
Right now, I have 2 dogs, one cat, a tank of fish, an evil cockatiel that draws blood daily when I feed him, and 9 chicks. I spend time with all of them, and frankly, I'm rather overwhelmed and tired by the end of the day. Dogs are soul sucking emotional black holes. They need alot of attention, exercise and time. My cat is also rather dependent on me, and I can't go anywhere without a furry headbutt or a purring shoulder sitter. the cockatiel, well, we all avoid touching him like the plague, but we have to have our conversations and whistling contests. His cage needs to be cleaned every day, and since he likes to poop in his water bowl (of course he does) his water needs to be changed several times a day.
Fish, well, cleaning and feeding no problem-they couldn't care less. But now, my chicks need attention, and since they're still in the house, they need to be kept very clean or my house will smell. I also handle them and have one chick with a head tilt so she has to have vitamins and extra attention.
I'd love more, but I'd also love to just be able to coach my kids baseball team and not be anxious that the dog needs to go out, or the chickens need more feed. Sleep is also good.

Next life, I wanna be one of my dogs.
I was told the difference between a hoarder and a collector is that a hoarder is ashamed of what he/she has while a collector will proudly show off what he/she has.

Now, if you are a crazy loner, you don't want nobody around for no reason.
I am beginning to feel the same! I just got my first two baby chicks and besides that I want more! Can't have more than 5 is a good thing and probably shouldn't at all but I will take it if it comes. I know someone with a farm I will give them to if it comes to that. I have many reptiles in home. They are kept tidy and very loved and we still have a lot of space in the house. They are spread out. I have 9 lizards and 6 snakes. All the creatures are different and almost all of them in two's! I really wish I had a farm! Cause I would love to get some goats as well. I also would love to have like a zoo and petting zoo. I just love animals of all kinds.
I don't think so! I agree that as long as your animals are well cared for, you're not a hoarder. I have 2 dogs, a cat, 2 fish, 2 geese, 10 ducks and 13 chickens (with some eggs in the incubator) but all are well cared for (in the case of the cat, a little too much so...he's spoiled and starting to get fat). My husband doesn't agree, though as the following conversation shows:

Hubby: You don't need any more chickens. You are already boarderline animal hoarder.

Me: I'm not an animal hoarder. Animal hoarders keep their animals inside. Do my chickens live inside?

Hubby: (Doesn't say a word, but raises his eyebrow and glances to the brooder box with 5 chicks in our living room)

Me: That doesn't count.

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