Ameraucana Rooster , Rosenberg, TX

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  1. LauraN

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    Dec 16, 2008
    SW Houston
    Too many roosters! This guy has been raised with 6 children, never aggressive toward us, just not as "snuggly" as the others. He is 7 months old. We bought him from a breeder as a chick and he is not an Easter Egger or Araucana. We were told he's a Blue Wheaten but his chest isn't blue so...........I don't know what to call him. His "wife" does look like a Wheaten should but isn't laying yet. The eggs I saw at the farm were all definitely blue (so he has the genes). He's been raised organically. He is beautiful and has the best crow of them all! I hate to see him go. These pics are a month or 2 old. I can get more if you need them. I cannot ship.

    I'm also interested in trading for a hen that has just started laying.


  2. guineaman

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    Sep 13, 2009
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