Another sex-link question, future offspring traits?


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Jun 24, 2009
I have been interested in getting some sex-links and am no chicken expert. I have read that sex-link chickens do not produce sex-link offspring which is fine with me, what I was wondering about are their other traits. I know that sex-links are supposed to be great egg layers (the biggest reason I want them) as well as friendly chickens. Are these traits passed on regardless of being able to color-sex? Has anyone ever let their sex-links reproduce? What type of chickens did you get? Thanks!
I bought, by accident, 2 sex links and one turned out to be a rooster. I did hatch one of their eggs and the pullet looked exactly like the mother and laid an egg just like hers. However, my experience with these three birds is that they were nasty, flighty and avoided human contact. We had to oust the rooster when it began attacking us.
Others talk about the friendly nature of their sex links, but we didn't have that experience.
I once hatched 9 F2 Black Sex Links. The youngsters wound up all over the board between RIR and BR. There were like two that looked just like a purebred RIR, two that looked BR, and the rest were everywhere in between. It was quite a fun group of peeps to see grow up.
Where did you read that they are friendly? My rooster used to be extremely violent before I subdued him, and my neighbors have about thirty red stars which are vicious and rip each other's feathers out. Other sexlinks might be friendly, but I wouldn't recommend the red star.
I have 3 sex-links a black and 2 Isa Browns and they are excellent layers and my girls favorite chickens because they (especially the Isa's) come when they are called and love to be held. I've got an egg in the bator right now that is the black sexlink and a Cuckoo Marans cross, I'm really excited to see what that looks like.
I have 4 sex link ISA brown hens that are wonderful. They lay beautiful eggs, never even had one of them crack. They take treats out of our hands and they "talk" to us whenever we go in the coop.
I guess I read mostly about the Golden Buffs from Meyer hatchery and they are supposed to be very friendly. The hens only grow to be about 4 lbs and the only reviews I have found is that they are calm and docile. I am a little confused because I have heard from different places that although hatcheries have different names for their sex-links that they are all essentially the same thing, is this incorrect? I suppose the different breeds for mother and fathers would have an effect on the temperment. I certainly don't want to end up with mean chickens, we have little ones around and I don't have room in my coop for them. I am torn, I would like some very productive chickens who make great pets. Some of our RIR are sweet but there are a couple buggers in there and they are a bit vicious with each other despite lots of space. I am starting a second coop that I am hoping to have some silkies and one other super nice breed of chickens in. Other than sexlinks any suggestions?
We have several different breeds and the only "problem" chickens we've had was a EE roo. Even my girls where happy to see him leave with the cornish X. The hens that have been the best with my little girls have been the Isa Browns, Speckled Sussex and the Buff Orpington. I hope this helps.
The offspring will likely be decently good layers, but not spectacular.

Yes, different lines of sexlinks have different personalities.

I have 1 half-redstar chick 'on the ground' and eggs for a bunch more in the 'bator now, so ask me next Fall and I will tell you what they look like and how they lay

Good luck, have fun,


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