Australia - Six states..and that funny little island.


Sep 2, 2008
Esk Qld Australia
Quote:Hi Satay, Good to hear from you! Sounds like you have your hands full up there. I knew that it had been hot up there but 40....! Phew,glad I live in Tassie!!
Brahmas are beautiful birds,very majestic when they grow older - are they hens or both or you don't know yet? Keep cool!

Hey Wooklet
Not sure of the sex they are only 5 weeks old now. Beautiful natured birds have some self blue, 1 buff and the other i am not sure of the colour type.


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Jan 11, 2010
Hey there... I do love your new avatar!! It really does look just like Duckie boy doesnt it???

Please dont love all of us...there are a few politicians and such that arent very deserving..

Hi there favorelle fab
Fingers are crossed for you... A first hatch is just so exciting for you I bet.


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Nov 5, 2010
Australia :)
Quote:I have black, white and lavender? and white. Is lavender the right word or is it grey .... I'm not sure lol

Oh! I have a lavender Pekin pullet, lavender and white mussies would be very pretty.


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Dec 19, 2010
Victoria - Australia!
Hey people

Nice to be part of the new thread
I kinda got a bit lost with the old one . . . not hard for me to do when my memory is similar to that of a gold fish lol.
I currently have 9 Buff Orpington babies and 5 French Wheaten Maran babies, all a week old, and 5 5 week old Silver Spangled Hamburgs (had 6 but one died last night
) along with my 13 hens. The new coop is coming along, about half done. Glad to hear everyone is getting a share of the nice weather, its been quite lovely here in sunny Kyneton, the few bouts of rain have kept the tanks full and the Campaspe river on our back fence line flowing. Love Spring!
Anyone coming to the Agricultural show in Kyneton on Saturday? I usually go every year to watch the horse events, my hubby cant believe this year I'm going solely for the poultry!


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Jan 11, 2010
I didnt even know it was on this weekend!!! I was planning a trip up to my block of land at Maryborough- I think I will have to divert my travel to include Kyneton then now that I know. Thanks Scoopy82.

about your little one - Hamburgs are really nice. Do you plan on showing them yourself when they are older?


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Aug 19, 2011
Hi all! I'm from Adelaide like Ray

Have 8 gorgeous ISA Browns (got 23rd September this yr at approx 17 weeks) and 2 dogs n 1 pud.

Feel too hot by far today n sposed to be a stinker at 37 degrees tomorrow! Not happy!! Have to leave my chooks somewhere between 11 n 2ish to help a friend move into her first new house. Very exciting but what a time to b away from the chooks. Dogs n cat will b left inside so should b reasonable but... Will run puddles of water in the run before I leave, freshen the water tub n leave a big iceblock in it n give them some watermelon chunks but will still b worried

Don't think I'll b able to stay away helping as long as I would like but hate leaving them alone in this heat

Hope everyone n their feathered (and otherwise) friends are okay!?!?


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Sep 1, 2011
Queensland, Australia
Hi all

Havent been on here for a little while, if you remember me I have four chickens two ISA Browns (approx 8mths old) and two Lohmann Browns (approx 7mths). The ISA Browns we had as chicks (Had 3, one turned out to be a Roo which had to leave the group due to neighbours not happy) the Lohmann Browns we got as point of lay. When the new hens joined the group they all got sick with a flu of some sort and eventually we got in under control, they all stopped laying for about 2 months but have now all started laying again so 4 eggs a day again.

Been really hot up here over the past week, but cool nights, my girls are very friendly and love a pat every now and again, even come upstairs and inside the house when they catch the door open.... They follow me around like little children and come running, even flying if they are down the backyard when they see me come outside.

This is our first time with chickens and love them dearly.... Anyway great to be back on track again and will come in here abit more often.

I have a few eating habits I want to discuss but another time when I get more time to myself.


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