Baby silkie chick hurt (PICS)


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Mar 13, 2012
Lakeland, Florida
I bought three baby chicks from a farmers market (Lumber store). One is a white silkie the other is a Buff. and Well I think the tiniest one is a partridge silkie, He/She won't stand up for more than a second and the little guy is laying on its side. My husband seems to think his/hers foot is swollen. it will wobble and struggle to its food dish and peck so it wants to live!
The little guy was getting trampled on and knocked around thats why I picked him/her up out of the bin. The man handling the chicks wasn't gentle either he was tossing here and there.
The other two are active and healthy but this little one is super small and feels skinny.

If anyone has any ideas i'd love to hear it. Thanks!

It may have a hurt leg or one of the conditions such as splay or spraddle leg, or another condition called slipped tendon. Splay leg is when the legs are too far apart, and is easily helped by applying a hobble made out of vet wrap or a bandaid. The chick may need to get used to this position for a few days. Here are a couple of links for you:

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