broody, already??


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Jul 17, 2012

yesterday we got our first colored egg from one of our easter eggers (blue/green) ... Today we were not only suprised she layed her second egg so fast (our other chickens layed an egg then each took a couple days to get into the swing of things) ... But not only did she lay her second egg, she decided she should sit on it... Which would be fine, but our rooster was killed last summer and our new one is only 8 weeks old... She can sit on it till it turns white, its not going to do her any good... My question is is it ok to take this egg and will that get her to stop being broody??? Will taking the egg cause her any stress or phsyc harm?? If so, is there a good way to do it to reduce her stress??? We want more eggs from her, not a lone chicken needing re-introduced to the flock...

In the future, when our rooster duke is mature and breeding them she can hatch all the chicks she wants... Im very looking forward to seeing the results of a very pretty easter egger mixed with our buff barhma rooster... Just need her to wait till spring/summer



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Aug 19, 2012
Los Angeles
Sometimes my hens will sit on the eggs for a bit before they lay so watch her today and tonight and see what she does. If she spends all night in the nest and is not getting down to eat then she is broody. Taking the egg away is fine but it will not stop her being broody. She will just brood on any empty nest.

Search "breaking a broody" in the threads. You are going to need to put her in a wire bottom cage if you want her to stop.
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