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Oct 15, 2016
South Jersey
Hi Everyone,

My Blue Sumatra has been broody for give or a take a month. I gave her a fake egg because she was "stealing" my other two hen's eggs. I brought home a chick tonight for her to foster and it did not go so well. The chick is less than a week old (only a few little wing feathers on her). Here is what I did and I am hoping I can still make this work. What needs to change?

- Moved hen into her own little area with chick feed and water.
- Waited until it was dark out and took her fake egg and tried to place chick near her.
- The chick ran to the water/feeder and didn't seem too interested in nestling up with mama.
- Hen started making noises that she makes when we disturb her and then proceeded to peck at chick.

We moved the chick into a brooder for the night until someone can give us some feedback on how to make this work better. I can't get another chick and don't want this one to be raised alone. Please send some advice!

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Well you are boxed in a corner. You don't want another chick, and don't want one raised alone. I guess what is left is to find someone who does want a chick or return it. Tell them you don't want a refund you just want to give the chick back.

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Jan 30, 2015
Hi and welcome to BYC. I agree with the advice given by D/Diva.

Best wishes

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