Broody Hens


9 Years
Dec 1, 2010
I have no rooster. 2 of the hens, BO and White Leghorn have gone broody and been that way for about a month now. I remove the eggs everyday but they still stay in the nest box pretty much all day and are not laying. Is there a way to get them to stop this since no eggs will hatch of course with no rooster? I read to dunk them in cold water to lower the body temp and tried that today and that worked for about an hour and I just went out and they were back in the nest boxes. Any advice?
I have been told to put them in a wire bottomed cage for a couple of days to allow the air flow to cool their undersides. This will often break the broodiness. I have also heard that you can place an ice cube under them in the nest cool their undersides and make them uncomfortable. So far the only method I have had to use is to lock my girls outside with no access to the nest boxes for a few hours every day (2 or 3 days) and then they seem to forget they were broody. Good luck....broody hens can be very stubborn.

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