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    Hi all

    As you know I have been really grateful for all your advice and support. As a new first timer it has been invaluable!! However now I have my 4 point of lays very much laying ( had a few no shell eggs occasionally but basically getting 3/4 eggs a day from them and so much fun I have had them 7 weeks and my day olds are now six weeks and happily living in their very own omlet cube with the emergency brooder for chilly nights.

    HOWEVER I have now got a broody girl, which is odd because I was told Hybrid Plymouth Rocks Barred x Rhode Island Reds don't go broody but she definitely is. I don't mind as I would like some Buff Orpington chicks ( I didn't realise how addictive this chicken hobby (way of life) would turn out. I play with them all day and read about them all night).


    Is it ok and reasonable for her to go broody she is 22 weeks has been laying for 4 weeks. Is it reasonable for me to put some Buff Orpington eggs under her?

    I read it is best to move the broody with her eggs into her own coop. The one she is is raised off the ground and she shares it with 3 other girls (one Mrs Dorothy Parker, is not the most tolerant of chickens). Its perfectly big enough at 4x 4 metres squared in the coop with the three nest boxes to the side. They free range outside from dawn till dusk. I could put her in her own smaller coop with nest box with a run but section it off if its felt to be a good idea. If I place it next to the babies who have their own run still they would have some company.

    Do I need to give her anything extra? I fed her some dandelion leaves and a couple of meal worms this afternoon but she wouldn't get off the nest. She is the most affectionate of my girls and occasionally gets picked on because she is a softy, which was why I thought she might feel more secure in her own place whilst she's brooding

    Or do you think I should just break her broodiness by moving her away now?


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    Young moms are hit and miss as far as properly caring for chicks. Not every broody hen actually wants chicks. I personally haven't had any luck relocating a broody, others have.

    Do you plan to add another coop for more chickens? Are you're prepared to raise the chicks yourself if it doesn't work out? And do you have a plan for the roosters? Just some things to think about before trying to hatch, and to help you decide.

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