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Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by KingOfFools, Jan 23, 2015.

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    [​IMG]me too[​IMG] wish I could do more.
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    Whoop, [​IMG] Call his doctor ASAP! If he is not on anti- anxiety meds. I would suggest some or he may need to change his dosage.
    What was the home expecting with a memory care patient? Most Alz patients get defensive and some can be very combative, especially for bathtime. It is a very primal reaction when you don't remember anyone and you are scared because you have no idea what is going on. It is no ones fault, it is the very cruel nature of this disease and preventing harm to him and the caregivers when the ability to reason and understand is gone, is a priority. A good doctor will just take the panic off, not drug him into unconsciousness. Call his doc and get some help. Ask what sets him off and maybe you can be there the next time to help talk him through this or to observe or....There is definitely no easy answer. My neighbor's mother is feisty and my mother was feisty, aka defensive and will throw punches when scared and confused until they calm down and get a big deep breath. No one's fault, it just is.
    And now before the power blinks off again..... [​IMG]
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    My husband works for a company that owns several nursing homes. He is a property manager over the building maintenance and life safety issues for the ones in his region. They are adding Alz wings at many of them, just for the fact that it is afflicting so much more of our population these days. Plus the specialized care it takes to deal with those patients is very different from just being old and needing assistance. They have so many specialized guidelines, specific to Alz patients. You get flight risk ones, combative ones, so many different things going on for them. I have never dealt with Alz personally, and hope I never do, but I think specialized care is essential! Best to you whoop whoop.
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    Oh guys thanks so much for the support I am feeling much better now. The night staff were waking him to change him because of well you know, and he was very unhappy about it. Anyway went this afternoon and they have made a plan to put him to bed later and just check at 2 - 3 pm to see if anything nasty happenned otherwise they are leaving him alone. He has settled now, and the Matron a veritable battleship seems to be more conducive to keeping him - thank you God, Actually he said to me that he was quite happy and that it was a better place than where he was before (home).!!!

    @Mtn Margie I spoke to the batteship about medicating him and she said they would rather not at this stage just to let him settle and as a last resort would do so. In a way I am glad I would hate to have him drugged to the eyeballs even if he is a grumpy old man.

    So you see BYC guys have positive vibes even over the wires, I am so grateful to you all I seriously believe that all your prayers and good wishes have paid off.

    Now I have to move mother in to the same home just waiting to hear if they can take her, so all in all things are looking up just have to stand firm and stop panicking.

    Thanks so much again xxx
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    Hang in there @whoop whoop , it sounds like you made some real progress today.
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    WW, if they accept your mother, can they put them in a room together?
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    I'm still trying to get my list to give me numbers, any numbers that I can click on.
    Thanks for the info!!

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