Cat pee on hardwood flooring

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    May 28, 2009
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    Just wanted to get some suggestions. Due to our dog getting fleas, well, a flea and a hypersensitivity to them (and the fact that the carpet is OLD...just good timing now) ,we are ripping up all our carpeting and replacing with bamboo hardwood. We have spots on the carpet where the cats have peed. We do clean it up, but I know we do not get all of it, as they go back. We are going to tear up the flooring a few days before the installers are coming. Ehrlich will treat for the fleas then. We also want to go around and clean the sub floor to remove all traces of cat urine before the new floor arrives.

    What would be the best thing to treat the floor with? Also, looking for suggestions on the best product for cat pee on hardwood. I have a female who sprays from anxiety. I know we will get pee on the new floor, but I want something that will not ruin the floor.

    ETA: Shes is spayed and we have had her checked for everything under the sun. She sprays when things get changed, if she gets into a fight with another of the cats, or if I go away for a period of time.
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    Nov 10, 2010
    Look for a floor cleaner with enzymes. I don't remember brands, but the ones that state they have enzymes have worked the best for us on dog and cat urine stains. It even cleaned up old stains from the previous owners pets.
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    Cat pee is virtually impossible to get rid of. About the only thing you can do is to paint over the spots on the sub floor with a good sealer like Kilz. That should stop the smell.

    Ask the floor installer what to use to clean the new bamboo floors. There might be specific cleaners. Wooden floors must be treated properly of you expect them to last.

    You are more patient than I am. Any cat that repeatedly peed on my floors would not be living in my house for long. If you are going to have the peeing cat inside, would it be possible to close her out of the rooms with the new floor?
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  4. Kaitie09

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    May 28, 2009
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    All of our other cats that have ever peed inside are now outside cats. She goes in and out, but still uses the litter box when she is inside. She is an amazing indoor cat, very friendly, does not scratch the furniture, does not climb the Christmas tree, etc. As long as things are not changed too quickly, shes fine. I bought Natures Miracle Hard Wood. We are sealing the subfloor when the carpet is torn up. She is going to be put out until the floor is down. I've also bought Cat Attract litter for after the floors are layed down.

    We are also picking up a few Feliway plugins and are going to lock her in one room for a few days. Hopefully all this planning will allow her to easily transition to the new changes. She is probably on of the best cats I have ever had, so I'd rather fight a bit than give up on her right away.
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    You can deactivate urine odor. The best product I have found is called Cat Off. First clean the area - dont use an ammonia-containing cleaner. Then apply the cat off, saturating the area so that it soaks in as deep as the urine did.

    If you are having trouble finding the places where your cat has marked, try using a black light after dark. Urine fluoresces a dull yellow color.
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    Aug 12, 2009
    How are things with the cat? I had one cat pee up an entire house.It was an emotional issue with her.Finally gave up.I use the enzyme stuff for dog accidents.Had dogs and cats in the house,but they are now all outdoor except 1 dog I watch like a hawk.Got tired of my new house being their toilet.

    I think cats are way worse than dogs,because I swear they will pee and spray all over for any reason.Atleast dogs just go because they have to go not because they are mad at you or stressed!

    My friend has 4 cats and atleast 2 are peeing all over the place.Marking and peeing.Don't know how she puts up with it.They even peed on her books and pillow!

    Hope you we able to resolve this issue.Peeing outside the box is a common reason for cats being rehomed and euthanised.
  8. Kaitie09

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    May 28, 2009
    South Central, PA
    Things have been good. After Christmas I bought a 7ft tall Armakat tree and she has taken it over as her kingdom. Fights have been less and less. She really only gets into fights with one of our cats, and she will only spray after a really bad attack. I'm not living on campus anymore so I'm home everyday again too. I'm making sure to give her extra attention during the day just to make her calmer. The cat attract litter worked great, and we have stuck with it now and are slowly transitioning back to regular litter. We have a Feliway diffuser in my room and the living room, but I can't tell you if they are working or not. There have been a couple incidents where we found some pee, but the NM removes the trace of it. I can see the cats sniffing in there area it was, but they must not be able to smell it because they will give up and go to the liter boxes. The night after I clean it up, I turn out all the lights and put a blacklight to it just to make sure it is gone. Once Spring comes all the cats prefer to be outside, so I just have to get through winter.

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