Cat Peeing In the Middle of Kitchen Floor!

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by Redcatcher, Jun 27, 2011.

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    I realize that cats going outside of the box is the biggest complaint among cat owners and there is wealth of information about it on the internet. I have not found anything yet though that really addresses what my cat is doing and why. First of all, there have been NO changes. No new people, animals, diet or anything else. Nothing has been moved or disturbed. He has just started peeing right in the middle of the kitchen floor! Right in the way of traffic and where he walks. The first time, I would have thought it was an accident, but the second time was in the identical spot. It was deliberate. He does not appear to have any problem going since both times it was a huge ocean. It goes from one end of the floor to the other! He is very active and is definitely NOT having problems getting to and climbing into the litter box (and yes, it is clean). When cats are having troubles urinating, they will usually seek out a soft place and in privacy, like on a carpet or bed, and then go in several spots. I am certain he could make it to the litter box but for one reason or another, chooses not to. And why in the middle of the kitchen floor? If he does it again, I am calling the breeder to come get him.
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    You didn't mention whether your cat has bee neutered or not. If not, that may be your answer. You will also need to clean that spot with a good enzyme cleaner. If he can smell his urine, he will keep going back there. UTIs and stressors can also cause this behavior. It can be hard to tell what could be causing stress in cats, something could have startled him while he was in is box, the litter box may need a good scrubbing, new litter could smell different, there could be a smell in in the location where he is urinating that triggered this, etc...

    I had this problem with my female cat for years. She had not been spayed because of health issues. I finally had the vet do it anyway....she stopped peeing on the floor immediately. A year later she started pooping on the floor. I still have no idea why. I just moved the litter box closer to her new favorite spot and it resolved to problem.

    I hope you can figure it out. Good luck. [​IMG]
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    Thanks for the advice. I will give the floor a good cleaning today with some oxy cleaner and see what happens. He has not been neutered because the breeder wanted him available for a 1-2 more breedings. He has never once sprayed or tried to get outside. The only thing I did do differently weeks ago was move his food dish to the kitchen. He had been carrying food out of his dish and dumping it on the carpet to eat it. It was making a mess. He is peeing not far from the food dish but still, it makes no sense!
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    When my neutered male cat did that, he had a UTI.
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    I think a trip to the vet is in order. Peeing a huge ocean, from wall to wall, does not sound normal. I'd be thinking kidney failure, diabetes, or maybe crystals in the urine. Years ago I had a cat that slowly suffered through organ failure, as she aged. She could walk around the apt without problem, but couldn't make it to the litter box at night. Is the cat older? Right now I dealing with an older cat that is changing her behavior, and slowly becoming incontinent. Vet cannot find anything wrong so I'm leaning towards senility.

    Sorry, and I hope he gets over it.

    Best of luck

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    A large pool of urine like that is typically not normal. I would probably bring him to the vet to have him checked out. UTIs in male cats can cause big issues if they aren't caught quickly!
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    Much as I hate to spend your money for you, a trip to the vet is in order. A bladder infection can kill pretty quickly. They will need to do a urinalysis and probably start him on antibiotics if they find infection.

    How long has the cat been with you? I am curious as to why you would "call the breeder to come get him"? [​IMG]
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    Aug 12, 2009
    I had all my male/female cats fixes so I don't know about sexual hormone issues.If it isn't a health issue then it is an emotional one. I have dealt with emotional cats and it is sooooo frustrating.It got to the point where I had to restrict cats to a room or have the whole house trashed.Best wishes and keep some enzyme cleaner which is good for all animal/human bodily fluids.
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    Does he look like he is in pain? Cats are good at hiding their pain, so you have to watch closely. If he does have a UTI, bladder stones, or something along those lines, he needs you to take him to the vet and care for him when he is not well. "Taking him back to the breeder" wouldn't be very kind to the kitty. [​IMG]
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    Really sounds like a urinary tract infection.

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