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Mar 12, 2018
One of my hens has a droopy comb with scab like marks on it that have been there as long as I have had her. I received this chicken along with my two other laying hens on 12/22/17. She shows no signs of discomfort and acts/seems very healthy! In Fact she is the more dominant bird of the three and takes no BS from the other chickens. I honestly have never really thought anything of negative of her comb - I have been aware, monitored it and made sure it has not gotten worse, which it has not.
I recently read up on possible causes/diagnosis behind these markings and many of the responses left me with concern!
Is there anyone on here who has had the same or similar issue with their chicken/s? Or have an idea of what this may be!
Should I be concerned about this? Is she suffering?
What can I do to heal this (If Needed)
Are there ways to prevent this from happening in the future?
Any and all responses would be GREATLY appreciated! I am new to chickens so everyday is a learning process. I just recently learned how to deal with a lice infestation..... EEk
Thank you! And Good Luck to you and your flocks =)


Jan 21, 2017
Kansas City
Looks like little scabs from her comb either being pecked on or scraped on something. One of my roos likes to get his head in odd spots and often scrapes his very large comb. Just let them heal naturally, she’ll be just fine. :)

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