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Dec 21, 2016
I have some chickens and ducks. They all share a big house and run together. In the last few weeks the they have started to get sore legs. 1 has two bad legs were it does not walk unless i walk near it and then it walks like a robot. 2 chickens with 1 sore leg and hobbles along and 1 duck with the same problem. When the duck was younger it also had a sore leg. Picked it up had no bruising or leg problems. We think it could be that the chickens jumped off the perch and slipped on the floor does that sound like a possibility. Not sure about the duck as it sleeps outside. Also my chickens for months have had sniffle noses and boogery around its beak. If anybody can help that would be great.
For the sniffle nose and other problems can anybody help with possible solutions as it has been weeks with the leg problem and months with the cold. Is there anything i can do.
Do you have any pics, that would help I think. Tell us about your set up.
Most of us are probably sleeping at the time of your posts. ;)
Where are you from?
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