****Chicken Flicking****


10 Years
May 6, 2009
I was wondering does any one else Chicken Flick?

You know, It's that game where you FLICK bread into the run and try to get the bread into a cup or food bowl for points or a big laugh before the Chickens get it.

Or what game do you play with your chickens?
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Throw a pear to them and you can watch capture the pear. The one who eats the last bite is the winner!
Strawberry football: pitch the strawberry into the most heavily chickened area and bet on who'll get the touchdown (swallow).
We play "follow the cheese". If I need to get them back into the run, I come out with two pieces of string cheese. I keep breaking up small pieces and throwing them towards the run until I get close enough and toss the last of the string cheese INTO the run - once they are all in, bam! door shut, chickens in, cheese all gone, game over! I win.
We play "Chicken Soccer" with ours. We dig up a big thing of grass, roots and all, and throw it into the outside run. We pick out goals and "teams", and the team that gets the most goals wins. Either that, or the team whose players stay interested in the game the longest wins.

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