Chicken has Hurt leg Need advice.

Has anyone had, or has a chicken with a hurt leg? Do they limp around not putting any weight on it? What did you do? Need advice plz!!!
Yes i had plenty of those. First you have to make sure its not broken! If it is you need to fix it or ask for help from someone. I uasuly bandage it and put it inba box to rest a few days
my chicken seems to have hurt her leg, an has difficulty putting in weight on it. the others are fine. ive checked for breaks, checked toes, felt it in the socket, but she continues (day 3), to not put weight on it. she's young- maybe 3 mos, new pen, new coop, shouldn't be infested with any mites, or parasites. but I'm at a loss, as to what I can do, to help her. any ideas?

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