Chicken sounds?


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Mar 21, 2011
What is a chicken saying when she does that boc, boc, grrrr? When my chickens are out I can hear them doing this distinct sound at times. I'm just curious, because they get along and always seem to be happy.
Mine do that when our cat walks by. She completely ignores them, but a couple of them go nuts and sound the alarm. it's like, "Bok, bok, bok, bok, BAGAAAAAAAAA!"
It difficult to determine we are talking the same sounds without recordings but based on context, the boc boc is a contact sound saying I am here, all is good. The grrr when made by my birds is when a dominant approaches a subordinate saying step aside. The latter is a low intensity threat made when both birds have well worked out rank positions.
Sounds like a heads up to me, like if they see something that might possibly be a threat. Not like a full on alarm call but be aware , get ready to head inside just in case. Mine do that when they see a Hawk in the sky or when a bigger type bird is in the yard like a crow. Because when my Roo Zeus does it everybody heads for the pop hole and stands there til he either calls them back or sends them in with a real alarm.
Thanks for the reponse. I love to turkey hunt, and I know that turkeys make the same of call. They have the "cluck" which is "I'm here" and the "alarm putt" which is head's up everyone, and get ready to run. They pretty much sound the same, I guess it's the intensity of how they use it. And the growl kind of sounds like the fighting purr turkeys use when they are fighting. I was just checking to see if they kind of meant the same thing. Thanks for the help everyone!

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