Chicken with swollen/infected earlobe.

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    Jul 8, 2017
    I have an 8 month old Golden laced Wyandotte that has a swollen earlobe and wattles. Just noticed today but can't be very old as we are with them most days. Looks like she has an injury on the wattle and it must have gotten infected. She's not showing any signs of fatigue and she is still laying every day. No other hens are picking on her.
    The coop is raised and has pine shaving in. They eat all the scraps as well as their laying pellets, and they free range every afternoon for several hours. So not really stressed.
    Should I be concerned or will she heal okay on her own?

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    She could have an injury or even a bug bite that caused the swollen ear, but I would watch it close in case it is an ear infection. I would be tempted to take some QTips and oil or peroxide to clean out the inside of the ear, and look for gunk or debris that could be from mites. Note if she develops head shaking, gasping, nasal or eye drainage which could be symptoms of an eye infection. If you have doubts look for a vet to see her. I hope it is just an injury and swelling from that, and it goes down soon.
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    I have a chicken with the same issue. How did you're turn out?

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