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    Sep 22, 2011
    Our 8 girls (4-barred, 4-RIR), have the run of our small enclosed yard we made for them. Our problem is two fold. 1. Our girls (barred) have been here with us since early July, we since have built their coop, (i will post pics later,once I know how), anyway, they absolutely love us and we love them. Early this month we went and got four more (the Redheads- as we called them- RIR) They all have names, but again once we learn how to add pics, we will include all our girls and their pics/with names. Now here's the problem they are not getting along too well the barred girls are always pecking at the redheads, and dont leave them in peace through out they day. especially at night at roosting time. What can we do, we don't have extra or seperate space the place any of them?
    2. our yard is becoming a muddy mess, what can do about this also? what should we put down for better footing for them and us?
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    [​IMG] You won't be able to post pictures until you have 10 posts. Regarding question 2, can you do sand in the run? I've read you need 10 square feet per bird in the run, is there enough room with the extra birds? If they're short on space that would definitely aggravate issues. Do they have interesting places to perch, treats to jump for? Even though ours grew up together they get pretty squiffy if they're stuck in the run with nothing to do. Good luck!
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    Congratulations on your hens, and welcome to BYC!

    How much space do you have for your chickens? They will do a number on the grass for sure. The more space the better. We have four hens who have the run of about a 30' x 30' fenced area.....and about half of it is bare of grass.
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    Apr 29, 2011
    Welcome!!! [​IMG] I second the post regarding sand in the run. It works great to keep the mud and the smell down. Plus, the birds love to take dust baths in it.

    It does take time for them to establish pecking order, but it's true they will pick on each other if they are too closely confined. Can you give them some additional space in the run, or let them free range a bit?

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