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    I have been keeping my 10 hens in their house for longer in the morning in order to keep them quieter. Well this morning the latch broke and they got out. I put them back in but they are screaming non stop. Its been a week and they have been quiet up until this event. Is it just because they were awake already that they are being so loud this morning. Or do I need to do something different with the house. Its completley dark except for the vent so i dont know what iam doing wrong i just really dont want to get rid of my girls any info is appreciated!!
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    Not sure if I understand you correctly, are you saying that you keep them in there nest boxes longer before letting them out in there yard to roam? Are they screaming or just making there normal clucking noises. Perhaps they are talking more because you changed there morning let out time. Perhaps they are unhappy with being let out later. LOl, Are you not allowed chickens in your area is that why your concerned?
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    I assume they're screaming since they want to be let out. How late are you letting them out, and is there any food or water or anything for them to do inside, if you're letting them out late? And is it all the birds or just one or two?

    I admit I get up late so my chickens have to stay in longer than they'd like, but they have food and water accessible (as well as full light exposure, my coop's really open). I haven't had any noise issue. Or maybe mine are mutants, as they only make noise (and a lot of it) if someone's inside the run.
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    they have a blacked out house they ho into at night so i dont know how they are seeing anything. But I do have food and water in the house for them. I keep all 10 of them in because my neighbor complaines about the noise early in the morning, so I let them out at 9 in the am. Today they got out because the latch wasnt closed all the way. The chickens arent illegal but the amount I have are and I have already gotten rid of some and cant bare to part with ne more. Do u think they are being loud because they were able to get out of the house and wanted out?
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    yes they have a blacked out house that they go into at night and I let them out at 9 weekdays and 10 weekends. It isnt illegal for 5 chickens. I have 10, but it doesnt matter because my chickens are just unusually loud and rambunctious. Iam hoping them getting out on accident this morning was the reason for them being so loud because I have been able to curve their loudness until later in the day so far.
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    Hi there brandy21410

    Ah, loud chickens, the bane of many suburban chicken keepers [​IMG]

    My girls did not start off loud and I did not have a problem until 12 months or so ago when a couple of my hatched here Silkie X’s decided that duck x peacock impersonations were the go.

    They have a nice sized coop and run and because of our low predator risk, the coop was not locked so they could wander out into the run at their pleasure, early in the morning.

    I work from home and free range was at the end of the work day [4PM] when they could be supervised just in case a fat tom cat, stray neighbourhood dog or aerial predator was around. On the weekends they were let out of the run around 9AM and got to range all day.

    Anyways, the noisy girls decided that they wanted free range earlier than 4PM and started demanding to be let out at 3PM. Rather than trying to work through 1 hour of the previously mentioned sound effects, I started letting them out at 3PM and took the risk of the 1 hour unsupervised. Naturally, they then decided to demand free range at 2PM.

    Anyways, now, even though they have the run, I am up at around 05:30AM letting them out for free range about which they are very happy. Me, not so much because of the additional risk but it is a chance I had to take.

    Basically, chickens learn fast and my gals learnt that lots of noise meant they get what they want.

    I am legal with the number of chickens but I am sure my neighbours, plus myself, would prefer not to hear demanding chickens every morning.

    I am lucky that one of us is usually home during the day but I know on the rare occasions we are both out, the girls are not happy about being locked back in the run and I think that is probably what has happened with your girls. They were out, they are now back in and they are not happy about it.

    I think trying to trick chickens into thinking it is not dawn is very tricky and unless there is total black-out, they know.

    Do your girls free range? I can understand their wanting to be let out of the coop into the run but if they are not demanding free range, I do not understand why they are noisy in the run. especially if they have breakfast?

    In my experience, besides the egg song and predator alarms, noisy chickens are only noisy because they want something and have become accustomed to getting what they want by making said noise.
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    Yeah it sounds to me like they got a taste of freedom earlier than usual, and they liked it and wanted it back. They don't get tired of listening to their own cries, like people do.

    I was a little confused by the thread title ("again") when it sounded like they just escaped this once, but then I checked and saw you posted about the issues with the neighbor before.

    If it's mostly one or two being noisy you really should consider rehoming the worst offenders, especially since you're not in compliance with zoning. And just for some peace with the neighbors. At this rate code enforcement is going to force you to get rid of half the birds to comply with the limits, instead of just a couple.
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    Hello, me again [​IMG]

    I am not disagreeing with what rosemarythyme has mentioned but just wanted to add that if you are going to rehome the worst offenders, do it sooner rather than later.

    As mentioned, I had two offenders, sadly one passed away. However, it did not take long for them to teach the previously quiet, 2 years in residence girls that noise reaps reward.

    If I got rid of Crystal [the noisy one] now it would make no difference, the others have picked up the trait.

    I know I created a rod for my own back but I am living with the consequences; full time free range. However, when I was trying to keep them quieter, I did find that a radio in the coop seemed to keep them contended for a while. I would get up early and turn the radio on low.

    Also, there was the suggestion of mixing up the times that they were let out, making it totally random so they did not get used to a routine and hopefully did not know when to start appealing.
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    My own opinion is that you have some thinking to say you don't want to pare down your flock but the sad truth is that if they're loud enough to bother you they ain't making the neighbors very happy either. It's just a matter of time before they report the constant disturbance and you get a visit from the local officials. Now, those officials could make you get rid of half the chickens so you are back in compliance, or they could make you get rid of all of them because you openly flaunted their restrictions and have shown you can't live within their rules. They may also well decide that chickens aren't worth the city hall hassles and then repeal the entire ordinance that allows them, making it impossible for others to enjoy a backyard flock.

    In the end it's not about what you want or don't want to do. We don't get to pick and choose the rules we want to follow based on our wants. You may have to whittle down your flock, choosing the quietest, least demanding of your girls to keep. Chickens are very social critters, as you know. They chatter to each other, call to each other, yell at each other and can be very demanding if they don't like the way they think they are being treated. Some are noisier than others about it all. I don't envy you your decision....I've had to get rid of a couple of roosters because my neighbor objected, even though roosters are permitted here, and it just plain stinks!
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