Day old - Still No Strength in Neck


Rosecomb Rich
12 Years
Nov 14, 2008
Norco, CA
9 babies hatched under their mother. At that points she was excited to take them all on adventures and left the remaining 4 eggs in the nest. I brought those inside. One of them had pipped the air sac. After more than 24 hours it still hadn't made any progress; it hadn't pipped through the shell at all. I went ahead and slowly helped it out over the course of several hours. One of the things that prompted me to do this was the fact that one of the eggs I had brought in a dead baby in it that had also already pipped the air sac. This led me to believe that I was really running out of time.
On to my point. It has been a full day and the baby is alert and peeps, but continues to lay on its side. It does move around a bit, but when I pick it up, there is no strength in the neck; it just hangs. I am sure this is largely due to the fact that I had to help it so it didn't get to build up the strength naturally during the hatching process.
I am familiar with strengthening the legs, however, I think the neck needs to be addressed first. Because geese have such long necks, this chick will not be able to walk with with its heavy neck hanging.
I just went ahead and propped him up a bit with a towel and am going to the feed store to grab some vitamins and minerals. I think this will really help because now when he moves at all he will be strengthening his neck in a more proper vertical position. Any other suggestions? Anyone have experience with this type of situation?

Thanks so much in advance for your advice!

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