diatomaceous earth or wormer?


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May 23, 2011
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I got some gorgeous yellow Modena pigeons and kept them in quarantine and one died today with worms coming out of it's mouth. I found her dead that way.
So I need to treat them all plus my own flock.
I put diatomaceous earth on the food. Should I use just that or wormer also?
Should I wait on the wormer to see if they start pooping these worms some first? I don't want to over kill and kill my birds.
Please help me save what is left. They are gorgeous birds and I wanted to produce the yellow. I still have a yellow male and yellow argent female. But that is it. Thank you.
ps, ten years experience breeding green cheek conures and raising chickens but rather new to Pigeons.



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I did some research and it looks like the D-earth will do the trick over a coarse of a week and is much safer.
DE is very unlikely to work at all. Would be best to have a vet do a fecal float.

Ivermectin (Ivomec, Eqvalen): Broad spectrum wormer. Effective against Ascarids (roundworms), Capillaria (hairworms), and stomach wall worms. Some resistance developing.
Dose : 500 -1000 ug per bird. Can be dosed in the drinking water, but the efficacy of this method is debatable. The surest way is to treat the pigeons individually. 1-2 drops by mouth of Ivomec is the correct dose. The higher dosage is needed to treat roundworms and, for some reason, even this is occasionally ineffective. New generation avermectins such as Moxidectin may be more effective.
Fenbendazole (Panacur): Broad spectrum; effective against roundworms, hairworms and stomach wall worms. Has a narrow range of safety and can easily cause feather abnormalities if birds receive too much.Avoid using.
Dose : 5 mg per pigeon per day for 3 days.
Levamisole (Tramisol, Levasol, Ripercol): Good against roundworms, but usually fails when used to treat capillaria (thread) worms or stomach wall worms.
Dose : 1 to 1.5 grams per gallon for 1-2 days. NOTE: This dosage often causes some pigeons to vomit. This drug is an immune stimulant even at lower dosages.
Piperazine : Effective against roundworms only, and only 60-80% effective here.
Dose : 15 mg per bird (300 mg per gallon) for 2 days. It is best to avoid using piperazine.
Praziquantel (Droncit): Excellent against tapeworms and flukes.
Dose : 6 mg per pigeon once (1/4 of a cat-size Droncit tablet).
Pyrantel Pamoate : Excellent against roundworms.
Dose : 1-2 mg per pigeon – 75 mg per gallon for 1-2 days. Repeat in 3 weeks.


Gordon A Chalmers, DVM
(Taken from Formulary prepared by the Association of Pigeon Veterinarians)
Special thanks to:
David E. Marx, D.V.M.
Golden Valley Pet & Pigeon Clinic, 2702 NW 60th Avenue
Norman , OK 73073

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