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    Wow, many of you have nice large parcels of land! No sooner did we buy our property, my husband met one of our next door neighbors (also on 5 acres) and discovers that the ladies 90-yr old mother owns the 10 acre vacant parcel behind us (and I guess attached to theirs as well). Of course he wants to buy it and said as much to the neighbors and they said they would never sell it. Never say never...

    Perchiegirl, are you in East San Diego County? My dad was a developer and lived on property owned by the company he worked for - one by the old Wild Animal Park on 900 acres got developed (Eagle Crest), the other outside Poway -I think it's called Sycamore Canyon is a 345 acre parcel that was put into a reserve and sold the the adjacent towns of Poway and Santee. I loved spending my summers and weekends on those properties - especially the second one. There was a historic house in the middle of the valley and no one else around - I think the driveway/road to the house was about a mile long. We had an awesome rope swing in the old oak grove and had our first experience with chickens there, as well as a small herd of Arabian horses. I loved loved loved growing up with that and wished I could live there full time. Buying our five acres is in part to recreate that for myself and give a similar experience to my children. Unfortunately, a fire destroyed the valley a few years ago - the oak grove, barns and charming house and caretaker's cottages are gone.[​IMG]
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    @Outpost JWB and @Amberjem - ever tried soaking in an epsom salt bath? Does wonders for aching muscles. I would today if I wasn't out. Costco sells them in their pharmacy section in a box for a great price...use about a cup with as hot of water as you can stand. For your shoulder you can soak a hand towel in the bath water and then drape it over your shoulder. Hope that helps!
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    A rice filled sock nuked for 4 minutes does wonders on aching muscles and joints too.

    Deb, awesome picture.

    Sam, was it still vacuum packed? And did you try some already, what do you think? How about the salmiakki?
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    You are talking about my old stomping grounds. Sycamore canyon was where we used to do overnight rides too from Santee. If you know where the Santee lakes is they follow that same canyon that takes you to Sycamore Canyon. Back when we rode that area there was a fence that kept us from going any further and onto private property.

    Right now I am caretaking for my 98 year old grandmother who lives just at the end of the Santee lakes. So I look up that valley every day. We were evacuated twice during that fire storm. Once from Grandmas house when it blew up to the back of it.... when they got that out moms house was evacuated because Cowls mountain caught on fire.... We went back to grandmas house.... That fire burned so hot a friend of mine could only locate her barn because of the nails laying on the ground in the ash. Her fence posts burned down to the ground and three feet further... She could only find holes where the fence posts were.

    Scary times. My horse got evacuated by my trainer at the time and sent to Imperial beach... She is a Draft horse and head and shoulders taller than all the rest of the horses yet they packed her into a four horse stock trailer with three others and a pony in the feed room.

    My house here was in Escrow at that time. we are talking East East County just past Boulevard... about two miles from the Mexican border and about 1.5 miles from Old Highway 8.... Heaven. I got to live there about three or four years before I came back to town to work and eventually wound up with Grandma as my job.

    Lots of that area around the Wild animal park was Agricultural preserve... I was stunned when they built houses in that area...

    My area now is zoned ten acres... but most of the parcels are twenty acres or more. Not enough water for a more dense development. Our wells are at least 400 feet deep and any new well goes in starting at 500. The water table has already dropped a hundred feet. Any more and I will have to drill a new well. NOT good.

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    Ok, something random for y'all. This just brought home in a pre-valentine day/opposite day card from my 8 year old son. I'll only repeat one of the 5 poems he wrote on the card - though all are funny, I don't think I want to repeat what goes through the mind of an 8 yr old boy (all too often).


    Roses are red, violet is
    blue, I think I heard a
    toot in your stew

    (punctuation mine). Silly boy! [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] (he's picking the emoticons)
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    Mar 31, 2014
    I have a rice filled bag I use sometimes. Dr says ice is better for my back. Inflammation. Heat makes it worse, but feels good.

    So, went to work, stopped off at goodwill on the way home and bought 9 very nice dress shirts for $25 TOTAL! I am super thrifty! Then I came home, and guess what.....

    THE BANK CALLED[​IMG] But just left a message for me to call her back[​IMG] So, I did, & had to leave a message[​IMG]

    AM I HIRED OR NOT???[​IMG] (That's not the message I left[​IMG]) Anyways, she would not have called if I didn't get the job, right? Surely she would have just mailed a condolence & thanks for applying card. Right? She called at 8:55am.
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    Fingers crossed here, JWB.
  8. Nice thrift work, Outpost. Last fall I was able to procure all my teens wardrobe (both) for $110.00 Like 7 bags of stuff not just clothing.

    Sounds like you got it, fingers crossed until confirmed.[​IMG]
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    Clothes are so cheap in the states... A decent pair of jeans here is usually 80-100 euros, on sale you can get something for 50.
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    [​IMG] yep, fingers crossed for you JWB..hope you get it! And, yes, no heat if there is inflammation like you have. A warm bath would be good for sore muscles, but not lots of inflammation. I have something similar to the rice bag, I will have to go try the nuke method for my shoulders...

    @perchie.girl Yes, we were on the private property part of Sycamore Canyon - used to ride down to the lakes area. I always wanted to explore further but didn't get the chance. This was over 20 years ago mind you. Then my dad moved to Fallbrook/Bonsall and built a house on 3 acres. Lovely house, terrible area for riding compared to the canyon. What year was the fire and has the vegetation started to come back yet? I loved the area except for the heat in the summer/fall. Your Percheron would have dwarfed our Arabs!

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