Do you read books more than once?


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I saw on the kindle thread that someone mentioned they like to read books more than once. Just wondering how many others do this.

I've never really been able to read books twice. The only books I've been able to read more than once was Animal Farm and a book about the Holocaust called Night. Other than that I usually read a book once. It's not fun for me once I know what happens! It's funny because I can watch movies over and over but can't read most books a second time!
I don't tend to read books more than once either. I tend to remember just enough to spoil things when trying to re-read a book.

I don't tend to watch movies more than once either.
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I don't read near as much as I used to, but yes, I read favorite books over and over. Watership Down, the Jean Auel series, Sue Harrison series, etc. If I enjoy a story, I like to 're live' it again.
Not only do I read books more than once, I *gasp* write in them, too.

It takes years between books though. I like to read it from a new life perspective, after a lot of major changes. As for writing in them, I like to see what I thought then too. A book-related diary, if you will. I also correct cookbooks. Ha.
I reread books that I really liked, usually when I don't have anything else new to read. I have some books that I have read multiple times! I keep all that I really enjoyed and donate others to the library book sale.
I re-read my favorites over and over. Usually they are longer books, so I'll find that when I re-read, I pick up on things I've missed before.

Books that I've had to rebuy because of over-reading them:

Les Miserables
Atlas Shrugged
The Dark Tower series

I also like rereading a lot of my Dean Kootnz, Stephen King, etc books. I like re-reading Nora Roberts too

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