Do you think different breeds, have different tasting eggs?


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Jul 17, 2009
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I think our barred rock eggs have bigger yolks, and taste richer than any of our other breeds.

Someone told me (a neighbor) that they had bantams, and their eggs tasted horrible.

Just curious what other opinions are, or if there's any documentation.

It's almost sad I like the BR eggs best...those girls are so mean.
Its what you feed them that makes the eggs taste different!

I like the eggs from my barred rocks also, I also think they are the best!!!

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It is what they are fed that changes taste.

The bantams' eggs he doesn't care for are probably from free range birds eating a particular bitter green or a particular type of bitter ants or some such thing.

Also sometimes perception in the mind prior to eating changes taste. For instance, I saw a thread on here awhile ago that said certain people thought brown eggs tasted better than white eggs, but, when given a blind taste test of scramble eggs from the same flock, could not tell which was which.

My bantam eggs taste the same as my full size hen eggs. (Because they all eat the same thing.)
I've had at least a dozen breeds over the years and there was no perceptible difference in their egg flavor between.

There is a big difference in flavor in eggs from hens fed and managed differently from each other. They are what they eat just as we are.
Although diet plays the biggest part in taste and some people may be effected by perception, I do think it is possible for eggs from different breeds or different chickens, to have a difference in flavor. I just don't think it's very common.

Certainly the meat from different chickens or different livestock can taste different, even if they are kept under the same conditions. There is also a difference in the taste of the meat from different breeds of ducks. Different varieties of the same vegetable, grown under the same conditions, can have a different flavor.
Everyone who tries Americauna or Easter Egger eggs swears they taste richer. Me, I don't see the difference.
It's funny, the first reply that said it was what they eat....also agreed with me the BR taste better to them!

Well, if it's "solely" what they eat, than what about the possibility of different breeds being attracted to different items? Different bugs, different greens in the yard...there was a debate on taste in the feeding thread, and some people think they can taste, others, like myself, think they are more attracted to look & texture.

I wouldn't discount that it's BR eggs are pointier and have bigger yolks. Since I perfer my eggs over easy or poached, a bigger yolk would probably "fool" me into it being a better tasting egg.

I can't eat other eggs now, though. I've had breakfast out twice now, and the store eggs actually taste spoiled to me now.

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