Dog with allergies! Help


9 Years
Jul 21, 2010
Apache Junction, Arizona
My dog has had allergies for some time now. I have recently changed her over to a raw prey diet and she seems to be improving. My Mother read an article that stated that liquid vitamin C and lentils are good for dogs with allergies. Has anyone ever heard of this and do you have other suggestions for my itchy, scaly dog?
I have a dog with terrible allergies, food and otherwise. He is doing great now on a limited ingredient diet. We feed California Naturals Lamb and Brown Rice as well as Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Venison. Some dogs also need medication for other allergies, check with your vet to see what the best course of treatment would be for your particular situation.
I'd suggest doing a salmon oil supplement, I've seen dogs with yucky skin have great improvement with it. That being said, there are SO many things that dogs can be allergic to, who is to say food even has anything to do with it. I'm a groomer and have seen so many dogs with weird allergies... grass is extremely common, we have a dog that comes in that is allergic to carpet, another allergic to humans, another allergic to the cat, and used to do one allergic to the sun... so I would suggest spending the big bucks and having allergy testing done (same way they do it for humans) and just finding out, so you don't have to waste a bunch of time, energy and effort into playing a guessing game. Good luck! These things can be really frustrating! lol

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