Duck Pond/pool pictures


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Aug 2, 2009
Southwestern Washington State
Oh, my cats are FAT from mousing! We own three!

Mice can swim? I see so many drowned ones .......I guess they can't swim that LONG.

So much for the moat idea. I need something ducklings can get in and out of, not a moat designed for drowning because of no exit. Perhaps the mice cannot get out of the bucket.

My muscovy are "meaties" and lumber about and do not forage much. They will forage if it is a foot or two away, the rest of the time they lumber around and wait for me to bring them things. I love them because they are mellow but the chickens do a much better job of clearing ou the bugs and such for me.

Do ducks need to learn foraging? Perhaps mine just didn't get the knack of it.

I'd love to create a pond that was dual purpose like that but I guess I'll just have to find another way to keep the rodents out.


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Apr 22, 2011
I'm new to the forum and don't have any poultry yet, as I am thinking about what I want and how to manage it. I raised ducks as a girl, using a wading pool for a while, until I decided they would be so much hapier in a pond and gave them to a local rural deli with a pond. The whole town loved them - "Those were YOUR ducks at the Blue Check Deli?" people would say.

Anyway, I have about 3 acres now and the back half is salt marsh. There is a very slow moving fresh water stream lined in old Stony Creek Pink Granite which winds through neighbors' properties, and mine, until it crosses mine and goes into the marsh. I have alot of water plants and marsh plants lining the stream and marsh. Because the stream crosses my yard, I was thinking of putting up a coop and letting the ducks swim in it if I get them. Now I am thinking I could probably incorporate one of those running water ponds people are using on this site, into the stream. Wouldn't that be lovely!

Has anyone enhanced their natural waterways with some man made water feature? Would love to see pictures.


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Dec 7, 2010
Here is our pond..120x80 ft...but we did expand it a bit so it is a little bigger. Its actually in the shape of a heart. Depth of the pond is about 10ft. This picture was taken April 14, it snowed :eek:(



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Feb 24, 2011
How alive is this thread? :hmm
Im wondering how to keep my kiddie pool filtered since I am only 20 and have NO idea how all of the piping and such works.
is there a way I could make a homemade filter? I fill and empty and fill and empty the pool EVERY day and my back is not very happy with it!



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Mar 8, 2011
In front of my computer
OMGOSH! I am so jealous. I have a turtle sandbox-found-roadside-turned-pool for my babies! Isn't set up yet, still cold here! On nicer days they get a storage tub, works ok but my three want to get in there all at once..and a Pekin/Campbell and 2 Calls in a storage tub...not gonna happen! I want all of your pools, LALADY, yours is SO PRETTY! I need duckies would be so mad if they saw this thread! Sigh....

ben is a terror

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Apr 9, 2011
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My ducks haven't been ordered yet but a pool is the first thing on my list. Has anyone used a blow up kiddie pool? Will they pop it really quick? I could make steps out of bricks to go in. Has anyone tried an old bathtub? We have Habitat for Humanity in our town and I can get a tub for about 50.00. The problem is how to plug the drain so it holds water but something I can take out to let it drain for cleaning. I was thinking of raising it up a bit a putting trap rock under it for drainage. Any ideas? Trying to work on budget Thank God for eggs and fried spaghetti.

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